Want to go to a new place without spending a lot of money? From Malaysia to India, this year’s most cost-effective tourist destination has been sorted out and can be provided for various travelers.

The goal is to highlight the cost-effectiveness of tourist destinations that not only provide great value, but also some of the best attractions in the world. Frankly speaking, if you have a good understanding of your budget and expenses while traveling, no country has too much travel costs. Almost anyone can afford it.


Colombia is an exciting place to experience both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the Amazon rainforest, and the starting point of the Andes. You will love the culture of Colombia and the warm atmosphere of the locals. Both the cities of Medellin and Bogota are fascinating, and here you can taste everything South America has to offer.
Colombia Travel Guide & Top Places to Visit


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Mexico is an absolutely breathtaking country, with an extremely diverse culture and a long history, it is definitely worth a visit or two or at least two visits. Most importantly, it borders the United States. Easy to reach. It doesn’t matter if you are neither American nor live in South America. Traffic is good in Mexico, so don’t worry about getting there.

Recommend two places. Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are two relaxing and beautiful places to stay for a week or two. Mexico is perfect for any foodie, and mixed cuisine has plenty to choose from even the most discerning diners. Although Playa and Tulum are much more expensive than the rest of the country, the price is affordable if you stay in a hotel or budget hotel.

As for the cost, you should spend about $ 40 per day, or about $ 60 per day if you want to live more comfortably.

For most visitors, the classic route starts with a visit to beautiful Mexico City, Oaxaca and Chiapas, and finally to the Yucatan Peninsula.

South Africa

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The beauty of South Africa will surely shock you. The country is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in a whole new experience because South Africa is a world in itself. No other place in the world can be like him. Food and transportation are very cheap, so you can spend more money on the road and walk more places.


Although you can easily add all of Southeast Asia (Asin Southeast Asin) to this list, Cambodia is one of the most interesting countries. It’s beautiful and reasonably priced.

A decent air-conditioned room costs about $ 20 per night, the average price of street food is $ 2, and transportation is cheap across Cambodia. If you spend more than $ 50 a day in Cambodia, you will live luxuriously.

You may have heard of Angkor Wat, this temple was once the center of the Khmer Empire. This unique temple is unlike anything else you will see on this planet. But this is not all that can be found in Cambodia. Many islands are still untouched by tourists and can be explored.


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If you live in a cheap hotel, avoid western food and travel by second-class train, you can easily visit India with a daily budget of less than $ 30 per day. India has a rich cultural history, delicious cuisine, helpful locals and many places to explore.


Portugal is the cheap European country you have been looking for. Beautiful beaches run all over the west side of the country, with magnificent cliffs and bays. You can find the famous brewery east of the beach, perfect for those who want to lie down and enjoy a good life.


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Morocco is a good choice for those who want to taste African style. It is currently the most stable country in North Africa and is only one step away from Europe.
Holidays in Morocco have been synonymous with living in beautiful gardens and luxury camping in the desert for many years. The minimum cost to visit Morocco is $ 40- $ 60 per day.


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Greece is definitely my favorite destination on this list, and you should be able to visit the country on a backpacker’s budget between seasons.
Remember to arrive in Greece during the Northern Hemisphere summer (July to August). The best time is to spend a few weeks in May or June. You will be able to see a more authentic side of Greece without having to face the huge crowds usually brought by summer.
If you live in a hotel, a meal costs $ 10- $ 15 per day, accommodation costs $ 10- $ 15 per night, and transportation costs about $ 25- $ 30 per day. Spend at least $ 50 per day in Greece.


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Cuba! Its human history is very shocking, and there are a lot of modern buildings to watch, especially Castro and Che Guevara. The existence of the two leaders has greatly enhanced the country. It is reported that Cuba will undergo large-scale industrialization in the near future. This means that tourism will usher in growth, especially from the United States. So hotel prices in Havana can be very high, so doing some research before your departure will save you a lot, especially on accommodation.
Wifi is lacking in Cuba, so make sure you plan everything before you travel. Also, if you shop in your local currency, you will save a lot of money. Cuba’s daily budget is about $ 40 to $ 60.


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Malaysia is one of the most economically developed countries in Southeast Asia, which is usually why it is considered “expensive”. With some advance preparation and frugal planning, it is not difficult to travel to Malaysia on a budget. Here are some suggestions that may make travel to Malaysia cheaper: Travel during the off-season, use local transportation, choose accommodation wisely, and eat local food.

Meals range from $ 5 to $ 10 per day. Some hotels offer breakfast. Dormitory accommodation costs about $ 10 to $ 15 per night, and full-day transportation for buses costs about $ 5.

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