10 Exciting Things to do in Quebec City in the Winter

10 Exciting Things to do in Quebec City in the Winter

Quebec City is the capital of Quebec, the seventh largest city in Canada and an important port in the east. It is also the only city in North America with a walled city. Located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and St. Charles rivers. Divided into two parts of the upper and lower cities.

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The city can be summed up in two words: refined and quaint. From French colonial architecture to friendly and lovely locals, you may find unexpected street shops and amazing food. So let’s talk about things in this beautiful town. This is your guide to a wonderful 2-day journey in Quebec City!

I have always dreamed of traveling to Quebec City, Canada, and now it has come true. Because it’s a fascinating French city in North America. The cobbled streets of Quebec City are full of snow. The towering castle towers high above the old town. The icy rivers form thick ice, which meets the requirements of winter entertainment!

Old Quebec exceeded my expectations. As we playfully walk along the snow-covered streets, I am happy with every turn of this road. I spent a long time around Old Quebec.

We spent hours checking the charming storefronts, each of which is more beautiful than the previous one. Hope you like me writing this 10 Exciting Things to do in Quebec City in the Winter.

1 Explore the old town

Quebec’s Old Town was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1985, and it is clearly one of the most beautiful areas in North America. The streets of the old town are paved with cobblestones. It is charming all year round. Especially in winter, you will find the whole street decorated with lights and Christmas trees. You will love wandering on the street, which almost makes you feel like you are in France.

2 Chateau Frontenac

Chateau Frontenac is a landmark in Quebec. This hotel is built on a cliff overlooking the city and the St. Lawrence River. Even if you are not a hotel resident, you can enter the lobby and dine in the restaurant.

3 The Strom Spa Nordic

Winter is called the season when you must rely on a warm blanket to relax. Well, you don’t need a warm blanket at Strom Spa Nordic. In fact, this is the most amazing outdoor spa I have visited in winter. I like the concept of a pool on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

Of course, you can feel like you are in a steamer with this steamy sky. You must know that it is winter.

4 Funiculaire du Vieux-Québec

The gondola is a rare form of transportation used a long time ago, but even today it runs perfectly. It is the only similar cable car in North America still in use, called the Funiculaire de Vieux-Quebec.

5 Vieux-Quebec, Eat

Amazing food can be found throughout Quebec City but restaurants such as Shaker, Pub Edward, and Poutineville are crowd-pleasers on Rue Saint Joseph.Service and food were impeccable. You will be happy, we have certainly tried it!

6 Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls: I have never been so close to such a powerful waterfall. It’s terrifying in terms of height alone, but this thing has power. We walked on the bridge over the waterfall, and I felt the wind blowing from the waterfall, the bridge under my feet was shaking. It’s really the most amazing thing!

7 Grab a Gourmet Coffee

The best way to fight the cold is to have a delicious cup of coffee in a warm room. We had a wonderful French coffee experience at Boulangerie Paillard. They not only serve delicious coffee, but also delicious handmade bread, pastries, and pizza! You can find this quaint shop on Rue St. Jean.

8 Go Dog Sledding

An adventurous and super fun winter adventure awaits you as you arrive in the Valley Jacques Cartier.
The track is well-groomed and many miles long, so you will have plenty of time to be outdoors enjoying this winter wonderland.

9 Valcartier Park


Valcartier Park is a true winter wonderland for kids, as you can take the entire family on a fun adventure in this winter playground. Valcartier, with more than 35 sleds, is considered the largest winter playground in Canada. You can enjoy winter activities, tube sledding and ice skating. So take the whole family, give yourself a room or a suite, and stay a day!

10 Musee du Quebec

Located in Battlefield Park, it showcases Quebec’s exquisite carvings and paintings, as well as the finest works of art, including paintings from Impressionism to Abstraction. In addition, the Quebec Museum often hosts exhibitions of works by world-renowned artists.


There are a lot of things that may surprise you about this lovely city in Canada

  • The Canadian dollar is used here, which is currently worth $0.76 per CAD$1. This means that if you’re coming from the US, you’ll be saving quite a bit of money on the exchange rate!
  • Quebec as a whole speaks French. Of course, in larger cities like Montreal and Quebec City, you’ll find people who speak English, but it always helps to know a few words of French like “Hello” (“Bonjour”), “Thank You” (“Merci”), “Yes/No” (“Oui/Non”), and knowing how to order food helps too (i.e. “Je voudrais” is the polite way to order in French meaning “I would like”).
  • Dress Warmly! If you’re not coming in the peak of summer, it can be rather chilly in Quebec City as it is pretty far north.

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