10 Tips To Rock Your First Solo Trip

The topic I want to talk about this time is-the first time traveling alone.

10 years ago, I packed up and jumped on a cruise ship to travel around the world without any plans to return soon.

Is it a mistake to travel alone? Is this single travel the worst idea? You’re going to do the best thing you might do. Congratulations! If you already have the idea to travel alone, you are close to a new lifestyle. Looking back, sometimes I feel that my behavior is very correct, because young people should do things bravely.

Before even reading this list, make sure you have the courage to take the first step.

Things to know before traveling alone

Traveling alone has never been scarier than you think.

The first few nights may be uncomfortable, but you will soon get used to it. Sometimes you may feel lonely and homesick, but if you don’t, it is even worse, because it only means that you will not leave your comfort zone, that is, you will not grow up.

Judge for yourself where the danger is.

Priestess of the moon -A Chinese women

Don’t listen to opponents exactly, but judge for yourself where the danger is.
Opposition is inevitable. Someone will try to prevent you from traveling alone, because in their eyes, it is dangerous to be alone. The truth is that most people who tell you that travel is dangerous may never have done it themselves.
I have traveled alone for many years. My conclusion is that the world is not as absurd as they say, but it is not as safe as my bedroom.

Buying daily necessities in any country is simple.

  Procter & Gamble’s products are spread all over the world. You don’t need to pack a year’s worth of shampoo. Even if it is an absolutely desolate place, if there is someone living there, then there must be a way to live.

It is also possible to wash your hair there without using Procter & Gamble’s products, which may be some strange things, such as some kind of plant or soil.

Protect your passport.

Scan a copy and email it to yourself. And print a copy. Pack in a waterproof bag.
If you walk out of the airport or dock. Then you are already standing on the territory of another country, and no one knows your identity. The security situation in each country is different. Theft and robbery are found in any country. Once something happens, you will be asked by the police and you will have to prove your country. Then the embassy staff will help you return to your home country or issue a temporary passport.

Plan cannot cover all emergencies

Don’t plan too much. Good plans are frameworks, leaving room for unexpected adventures. You will have unexpected gains. Because you are thousands of kilometers away from your destination when you make a plan, you can only get news on the Internet or in travel magazines. This is not comprehensive. When you reach your destination, your plan may not be executed, or there is a better plan.

Stay alert and don’t believe in second getting rich.

  Not everyone hurts you. Don’t be afraid to talk to people or accept the kindness of the locals. However, there must be a moral standard in mind. Universal Value.

For example, murder is forbidden in any country, and drug use is generally considered a degenerate behavior. These are relatively easy to judge.
But there are some gray areas, it is not easy to judge right or wrong. For example, cannabis use is banned in some countries, but legal in the Netherlands. Sex trading is prohibited in some countries, but it is allowed in Germany. Only personal sex trading is allowed in Hong Kong, but brothels are not allowed.

So sometimes you have a hard time judging right or wrong. At this time I advise you to use the strictest ethical standards, because this is the safest way.

Dress appropriately.

  Even if you are a Tourists, please pay attention to local customs. Do not wear sexy clothes in Muslim countries and cover your body when visiting Buddhist temples in Thailand. Study your destination customs before your single travel begins. You could be sentenced for being sexy.

Graphics can transcend language

You know our language is transformed from graphics. When you reach a strange country and immerse yourself in a strange language, take out paper and pen. A person with a talent for painting will have dinner first.

You will not be as lonely as you think.

You will make many friends during the journey, and even some people will join your next journey! Being alone makes you more accessible than traveling in pairs or with a group of friends.

That’s why no matter how old you are, the benefit of traveling alone is to make many friends on the go. If it wasn’t for sleeping in the room with a group of strangers then you would hardly know their travel story. It’s much like a social app now, following a stranger, looking at his timeline, and then looking at the next one.

Traveling alone means your route is relaxed.

You are the boss of the schedule. Go to the museum or the playground, it’s up to you. Staying at a hotel or coffee shop all day? It’s up to you! Meet a handsome boy somewhere? Like a city and want to live longer? I am the boss and can do whatever I want.

Make sure your trip is environmentally friendly.

Choose products that can be reused as much as possible. Don’t use disposable plastic products. Travel destinations are usually remote mountainous areas where there are no cleaners. It’s easy to discard the trash, and the cost of getting it back is even more expensive than the product itself, because the cost of picking up an empty cola bottle at the bottom of the canyon can buy an entire truck of cola.

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