10 ways to save bulk money when travelling Europe

Traveling to Europe is indeed the ultimate “eat, play, take picture” experience.

Yes, Europe.
Why Europe.


Taken together, it has a long history, good economic development, science and technology, culture, and education. Compared with other regions in the world, the most important thing is that the service industry is more developed. Ideal for girls traveling.
If anyone wants to ask me to travel to any country in Europe, I will be happy to accept it.


For only $ 4,000, you can play around Europe for 50 days, which includes all travel, accommodation and spending money.

I’m trying to prove you can spend less money to be able to see more of the world.

Therefore, I will share some of the best tips on how to travel comfortably for less money.
Now I want to sum up a few important points about traveling to Europe.

Buy a local SIM card

This will save you the money of having to buy something from a cafe to use its wifi.

If you can use Google Maps or Translator, you will also be able to travel smoothly.

I’m not familiar with the current service, but it’s about $ 30 per month. You can use wireless network services. Please note that some SIM cards do not have a call function.


Budget accommodation

An obvious way to save a lot of travel costs in Europe is to book affordable accommodation.

I recommend using the hotel booking site to find the best price. You will also find and get the cheapest deals.

Public transit

Local public transport is easily the fastest and cheapest way to travel.

Not to mention, I find that these systems are usually super reliable. Bus, taxi, subway, tram. I recommend the subway first as it is below the ground so there will be no traffic jams! !! !!


Limit your baggage

In addition to physical exertion, freight will also make you sad

However, if you only pack your carry-on luggage, it will indeed save you money.

If you decide to fly between countries, travelling with you means ultra-cheap domestic flights at no extra cost.

Europe is similar to the United States, and thieves are a traditional industry. Limit your luggage This also minimizes your risk of losing or losing your luggage on the bus.

If you carry large luggage then you must store it under the bus. People may accidentally (or intentionally) take your luggage after getting off the bus. You will know if you have been to Europe.

It is recommended that you keep your belongings within visible range.

Get off route

I know it sounds difficult. Because I have never been to Europe. That’s why I travel. It’s really hard to find a fun route in an unknown place. Some so-called secret locations have become hot spots.
and so
Going out of inaccessible roads will not only open your eyes and mind, but also allow you to spend a very cheap day.

Local taxi drivers are a magical profession and know almost anything, this is a treasure trove.

Honestly, what you learn will make you feel like you should stay a few more days until the end of the holiday.


Book travel / activities for travelers

I found that the best way to avoid theft in Europe is to stay away from tour groups sold on street stands.

They are usually expensive and you can actually jump to a travel site and book the same trip for half the price.

Buy tickets in advance

This is actually very important if you want to save money.

We make sure to buy all bus and train tickets in advance because the price usually doubles if you buy on the day.


Hotel with breakfast

Try to get breakfast and Wi-Fi included in your stay as this will save you a lot of money.

Many Airbnb in Europe now offer local breakfasts, which are usually acceptable flavors.

This will also save time in the morning so you have more time to venture

Season picking

You can still have your beloved European summer by avoiding the peak of traffic.

Traveling in late May / early June, it is much cheaper and the weather is super good.

If you can arrange your time, accommodation is usually a lot cheaper.

Attentive readers will find that the above article has only 9 suggestions.
So the tenth recommendation is to take your brain to travel. Be smarter than 100 suggestions.

Here are 20 beautiful travel photos for your reference when you travel





















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