10 Ways to Shoot the Perfect Travel Photograph

To an ordinary person, taking a good picture is like gambling. Photography is a professional field, and to take amazing photos requires long-term training and some good luck. You also need a SLR camera and an aesthetically conscious brain so that you are not far from success. Today, I will introduce how to deal with challenging light, and introduce some ideas for controlling composition, including selecting the focus and adjusting the shutter time.

Then, I will introduce the considerations for common travel scenes so that you can take good pictures faster based on the type of scene.

However, I have to explain that photography is an art category. There is no formula that can adapt to all scenes. My suggestions are only applicable to most situations. I hope you can understand the photography technology and fall in love with it. explain.

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10 Ways to take better photos,Simple and easy to understand, suitable for beginners. So let’s get started.

1.Pay attention to the sun

This is the most important tip. Normally, you want the sun behind you so that the subject will be illuminated by the sun. If the sun is behind your subject, you will get the outline of the subject. If you are used to taking pictures in the “auto” position, then you usually get an image with insufficient light.

Although this can be done intentionally to achieve the effect of accentuating the outline of the subject, for most photographers, it is desirable for the subject to be clear. So if you want a clear object, position yourself between the sun and the subject.


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A clear picture of the subject is just a minimum requirement. Mixing up the surrounding scenes and being creative is something that the adaptor should do. Instead of a simple standing pose, use body contours and light to get more interesting images. Try shooting to create contours in the sun, or use high apertures to create explosive effects.

3.Use the weather

God’s light

Think about how you can use the weather to your advantage. How do you take a cloudy sky or rainy landscape to take unique photos? How many pictures of the blue sky do you find boring? Keep an eye on the weather so you can adjust your ideas and themes accordingly. For example, when the sun is behind a cloud, light diffuses-God’s light.

4.Soft shadows

In most cases, if you want to take pictures of people outdoors, move in the shade. Here, the light will be more uniform and the texture of the skin will be easier to see. You will get a smoother, more balanced photo. At this time you only need to worry about the expression and movement of the model, be sure to use continuous shooting.

5.Main Depth of Field

Depth of field is to control which parts of the lens are in focus. This is one of the most important photography concepts. The depth of field has a lot to do with the lens used, and some lenses have a “shallow” depth of field, which means that the background blur effect is “heavy.” If you need to improve travel photography and get the perfect picture, you need to know how to control depth of field. Mastering the depth of field allows you to compose a picture simply by changing where the focus is. Under normal circumstances to take such photos, you need a 35mm or 50mm fixed focus lens. 24-70mm lens. Whether it’s Nikon, Canon, or Leica. All three lenses work well.

If you don’t like background blur, you need depth of field. “Thick” lens. For example, an 8mm lens.

6.Take advantage of street scenes

The purpose of street photography is to capture the moment, which is closer to daily life here. It is easy to immerse yourself in the environment and generate a great sense of identity.

Patience is the key to successful street photography. People in daily life behave naturally and unpretentious is a good subject, but his next move is difficult to figure out. If you don’t judge in advance, it is easy to take blurred photos. If conditions are immature. Try shooting merchandise-colorful fabrics, shiny metal utensils, merchandise is always an interesting theme.

7.Learn to take pictures of people

If you are looking for portraits, the best option is kid. I prefer taking pictures of children over adults because I usually don’t have to worry about sluggish eyes. They are always moving and never stop. My favorite character photo style is kids playing with toys. I think this is the best way to capture personality.

8.Learn how to use low light

We often go to the bar for drinks with friends in the evening. Capturing those happy moments is something that every photography enthusiast wants to do, but we seem to be able to do nothing but blurry photos.

This is because most cameras do not work well with the light available at night-they use slower shutter speeds that blur motion.

nikonD5 ISO20000

More expensive equipment can make a real difference to low-light photography. The ISO range of these devices is high, usually reaching 20,000 (available). First, you can increase the ISO setting on the camera. Although this reduces the quality of the shots, they look better than blurred photos.

Another idea was to find something that could fix the camera. It’s best to have a tripod. Then please keep them as still as possible!

9.Get Action Shots

For better action photos, you have two options.
One is to “freeze” motion using fast shutter speeds, such as photographing a moving car or skier.
Another option is to show motion by using longer shutter speeds-the resulting blur will convey a sense of movement to the viewer.

The first is if you use a fast shutter, then you need to have strong light to ensure the sharpness of the subject. The faster the better.

The second option is difficult for any photographer. The key point in taking this type of photo is that the center and focus of your frame always face the center of the subject. Because the subject is always moving at high speed. so, it’s hard.

10.Take a photo of the waterfall

Waterfalls and streams are a great photography subject. The shooting method is a slow shutter speed, creating a soft effect. Best results are obtained with shutter speeds of 1 second or slightly faster. But you need to use a tripod or place the camera on some objects.
Finally, don’t forget to use lights. All the mist from the falling waterfall can cause a beautiful rainbow.

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