2 weeks Yukon Road Trip Klondike Loop Itinerary

2 weeks Yukon Road Trip Klondike Loop Itinerary

Yukon Road Trip is Canada’s most epic trip. The Yukon Territory is the territory of northwestern Canada, close to the Arctic Circle, mountainous and sparsely populated. It is home to wildlife, where there are wildlife such as bears, moose, caribou and wolves. This road trip was our first visit to Yukon .

This Klondike Hwy travel route starts from White Horse and heads north to Dawson City, then along the Dempster Highway into one of the world’s most famous Tombstone National Parks. Then back to Dawson. From “Top of the World Highway” and “Alaska Highway” in the United States, return to Canada.

Finally, visit the majestic Kluane National Park and Nature Reserve, Canada’s highest mountain range, Logan Mountain. 10+ places The Travel Guide to the Icefields Parkway in Canada .

This is a circular tourist route, an unforgettable one. Even if it is evaluated all over the world, this is a tourist route worth watching.

In fact from White Horse. There are two loops for road trips.
1.The Golden Circle
2.Robert Campbell Highway
Of course this is another story, I will introduce in a future article.
Now I will start to introduce the great circle of Yukon.

Yukon Road Trip

Klondike Highway ->Top of the World Highway->Alaska Highway Loop Itinerary


photo by jimbob_malone@flickr

Most trips to the Yukon begin with Whitehorse or Dawson. We chose Whitehorse. Whitehorse is the starting point for exploring the territory of yukon, and it is known as the “wilderness city”. It is worth living here for two nights. There are many activities, such as mountain biking and white water rafting. There are shops, many bars and cafes in the city centre, and you can refill petrol and food before you leave!

If you want to learn more about the city, visit the centre of Beringia, Miles Canyon, and Yukon Wildlife Sanctuary.

Whitehorse dinner

I recommend you a restaurant named “Miner’s Daughter”. This is actually a bar. But the meals offered are great, you must try them, grilled salmon and harissa chicken wings.
If you like restaurant chains then you can choose Tim Horton, McDonald’s.

Whitehorse hotel

There are many hotels and rental houses in the city. If you like to live by the river Yukon, then you can choose Edgewater Hotel. In fact, the city is very small and almost never needs to drive. So it doesn’t really matter which hotel you choose.

Whitehorse to Dawson City (533 km)

Dawson is a small town in the Yukon Territory in Canada. It is a historic gold rush town. It is inseparable from the Klondike Gold Rush (1896-1899) and is listed as a National Historic Site. As of the 2016 census, its population was 1,375.

Here I have to say, Dawson described “adult summer camp” or “Portland hopes.” If you get here you will agree with this statement.

On the way you will pass Braeburn Lake. There is a place here is Braeburn Lodge, where you can eat cinnamon.

On the way from Whitehorse to Dawson City, there is a place called Keno. Keno is a 90-minute detour off the highway from Whitehorse to Dawson.
The Keno Mining Museum (with free wifi) explains the silver and lead-mining history of the town that previously supported hundreds of residents.

Here are a few places to look at

Visit Diamond Tooth Gertie, where there are cancan dance shows to watch, and there is a feeling of making you go back in time.

Visit the Dawson City Museum to learn about the history of the gold rush.

Drive or hike up the Dome for a view of town, the Moosehide Landslide, and the Yukon River.

Explore the Paddlewheel Graveyard-A ship abandoned in Dawson after the highway was built.

If camping is not your scene Dawson City does have a number of hotels and lodges.
But the hotel here is not as good as the big city.

Dawson City to Tombstone Territorial Park (111 km)

Leave Dawson City early in the morning and drive out of town along the road. Came to Tombstone Territorial Park. Tombstone Territorial Park is not on the Klondike Highway,This is another road, its name is Dempster Highway. We’ve seen a lot of natural beauty, but there is nothing more beautiful than here in the autumn of Tombstone Territorial Park. This is the most iconic image of Yukon, with bushes and woods turning bright red, gold and orange on the peaks.

I’d recommend two-three days to take advantage of the great hiking in the park.It is difficult to reach here, and the chance of coming twice in a lifetime is very small. So if you have more time, then this is the best choice.

It’s absolutely wilderness, no towns, no motels. There is only one designated campsite in the park and it is on a first come, first served basis. This is a simple campsite that requires you to pay a fire permit fee and free firewood.

Dempster Highway (736 km)One of the most epic highways in North America, stretching from Dawson City to the town of Inuvik. This is a 736 km long road that passes through the Tombstone Territory Park and is connected to a highway from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic Ocean, which is very close to the Arctic.

Dawson City to Chicken (174 km)

Return to Dawson City overnight at Tombstone Strip Park and leave from Dawson City the next day. After taking the George Black Ferry, crossing the Yukon River is the top road in the world. It is a route connecting Dawson City and Alaska. When you leave Little Gold and enter Alaska, you will need to pay a US $ 6 customs fee per person. And fill out the form.


Today, about 30 residents live here in summer, and in winter, when roads are closed in both directions and isolated at the end of the world, fewer than 10 remain in Chicken, Alaska.

Chicken to Beaver Creek The Alaska Highway (300 km)

It’s really tough to find a boring point on this road trip because the whole trip is just so spectacular.From Chicken drive South on the Taylor Highway before turning onto the Alaska Highway.

Beaver creek to Haynes Junction (291km)

Spectacular views can be enjoyed from the highway. The road runs along the majestic St. Elias Mountains, the highest coastal mountain on the planet. On your left you will see a huge lake-Kluane Lake.

Kluane National Park is home to Mount Logan, which is the second highest mountain in North America. There are huge mountains everywhere and it often takes several days of hiking to get there. Enjoy magnificent views throughout the journey, and if time is short you can choose to take a small plane to visit Logan Mountain.

If the weather allows, you should take part in a stunning flight, Kluan Park. It offers to witness the amazing Mount Logan on a plane. The flight takes about 75-90 minutes, and you will know what is God’s perspective.

Haines Junction to Whitehorse (154 km) Back to White Horse, the two-week journey is over.

What to bring with you.

  • Credit card and debit cards.
    Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Campgrounds are cash only.
  • Bug repellent.
    Outside Whitehorse, mosquitos can be vicious, especially the farther north and into the wilderness you venture. I like Permethrin.
  • Camping gear.
    As the Yukon is remote and highly seasonal, indoor accommodation can be expensive. Camping is cheap, though you will need to bring warm gear if you are planning to travel particularly far north or later in the season.
  • Footwear.
    You should prepare rain boots and another pair of warm shoes to prevent the shoes from getting wet.
  • Bear repellant.
    Bear bangers, bear spray, and bells can all be useful.
  • Watch for Wildlife
    You are in yukon, which means a lot of wild animals. Always keep an eye on the animals crossing the road, and pay special attention to moose, as they are similar in height to windshields and impacts can be fatal.
  • Cell Signal
  • Outside of the towns don’t expect to get any cell signal.You need a car GPS, or a paper map.

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