20 Braided Back To School HEATLESS Hairstyles!

are you just done with heat-styling your hair all the time? Tired of hair looks that don’t last the whole day?! Do I have the solution for you, my friends. Braided hairstyles are practical, long-lasting, perfect for summer (or any time of the year, really), heat-free, and they look incredible, which understandably, makes them a classic go-to style.

But if “classic” has begun to mean “boring” because you feel like you always stick with the same ol’, same ol’, then you need a little braid inspo, and we’re here to give it to you.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best braided styles. But since some of us are more gifted in the hair department and can give themselves box braids in the time it takes others to google “how to braid,” we made sure to include something for every skill level. So whether you consider yourself a beginner braider or an expert, you’ll definitely find something on here to try—or ya know, you could always beg your talented friend to do it for you.

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