5 greenhouse ideas for you- Who love early vegetables and flowers

Gardens and small greenhouses in the yard are suitable for those who like to grow vegetables and flowers in winter.
Gardening is a pleasure, a psychotherapeutic job that makes every hobby person full of energy and satisfaction. Today, working pressure and “KPI” affect each of us. gardening gives the power to forget to relax and get away from everything that is pressing and stressing us.if you want konw How to Pruning Climbing Roses please click here.

The purpose of the greenhouse is to protect your seedlings and growing plants from the cold and small animals. In the greenhouse, it is easy to adjust temperature, humidity, soil humidity and light, and keep plants happy and productive.

Native vegetables can bring greater value than vegetables purchased in stores. That’s why many suburban owners want to buy a greenhouse, which will be the ideal living environment for most crops in our area. .if you want konw about LIVING WALL example analysis-vertical garden .please click here.

Depending on the space in your yard or garden, the idea of building a small greenhouse sounds good. First, you can protect your plants during the cold winter. It’s also an excellent conceptual idea for those who love early vegetables and flowers.

Below, we have a large collection of greenhouse images, some of which you can make with a little effort, and some of which you can make at a lower cost. Look at the pictures and you will definitely find a reference that will appeal to you and fit your garden.

Medium-sized greenhouse

This wooden greenhouse is made of strong wood. It keeps well even in the windy winter. The surface of the greenhouse is covered with plastic panels and creates the ideal atmosphere for everything. In order to strengthen the stability and durability, the bottom of the greenhouse is covered with metal plates. (DIY instructions: Ana White)

Dome style

When it comes to gardening in colder climates, a greenhouse is almost a must-have. Because a greenhouse extends the growing season and gives the plants a lot more heat. 

The dome-style greenhouse has a unique shape, much like the igloo of the Eskimos. Hemispherical frame, composed of many small triangles. Finally, it is covered with a plastic film to achieve the purpose of windproof and light transmission.(DIY instructions: Northern Homestead)

PVC Pipe

This PVC greenhouse is easy to build with a few lengths of pipe, the pvc fittings and plastic sheeting.The biggest advantage of this greenhouse is that it is cheap and the manufacturing steps are simple. Making a small greenhouse costs less than $ 50. And it can be done in a day. (DIY instructions: PVC Plans)

Straw Bale farm style

This is very simple engineering and requires almost no construction skills. Ordinary housewives can do it, just arrange the straw neatly. The disadvantage is that the seal is not good. (DIY instructions: High Mowing Seeds)

Coldframe made with hay bales. (Photo by Terrie Schweitzer)

Cattle Panel Greenhouse

This greenhouse is made up of barbed wire and PVC pipes. Very good practice and saves time. (DIY instructions: Fyall )

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