5 International Food in Washington DC

Maybe you are from Europe, traveling in the United States, hoping to find some delicious food all over the world, and one day you can become a travel master in the eyes of friends, but there are easier ways to eat before these plans are implemented Food to the world. In other words, DC is a hotbed of international flavor, far beyond imagination, you can taste dishes from all over the world without leaving the city.

Here are a few unique and tasty dishes you can try at some of the best restaurants in Washington, DC

Ambar: Balkan Cuisine

The restaurant features dishes of the Balkan Peninsula prepared with a modern twist, divided into categories of small plate fare: Mezze, Kajmak (cheese), Spreads, Soup & Salad, Flatbreads, Seafood and Meat & Poultry.

I recommend to you:Lamb Prosciutto, Kajmak with Smoked Salmon, Beets Tzatziki, and Tartare Steak.
Locations:523 8th Street, SE Washington DC.

Cuba Libre Restaurant

Dishes at Cuba Libre feature authentic flavors that are derived from Cuba’s culinary traditions, which include Spanish, African, Creole and Asian influences.The Cubano sandwich is outstanding, but the churrasco (skirt steak), croquetas (breaded and fried balls of goodness), and empanadas are not to be missed.

I recommend to you:Ceviche Mixto,shrimp, scallops, crabmeat
Locations:Penn Quarter, 801 9th Street NW Washington DC

Bokum Cafe:African dishes

When diners want legit African dishes, they generally head to 9th and U Streets. But you can find Bokum Cafe in the heart of the city’s party district. These guys cook up authentic West African dishes including egusi and a Ghanian take on fish and plantains.

Locations:2442 18th St NW, Washington, DC

Himalayan Heritage:Nepal

The chicken dumplings are understandably popular, as is the restaurant’s popped rice dish, which looks a lot like Rice Krispies. Because Nepal shares a border with Northern India

Locations:2305 18th St NW, Washington, DC

Marcel’s: French

This elegant French-Belgian restaurant offers a fixed-price menu by award-winning chef Robert Wiedmaier. Menu items change daily. The renowned chef hails from Brussels and his cuisine embodies the best culinary choices of European culture.

Locations: 2401 West Avenue, Northwest Texas Avenue, Washington, D.C.

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