6 Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Cars

Taking pictures of cars is a very interesting thing. Every time I shoot, I will learn something from it! I want to share some basic guidelines to help you get started and this interesting area.

1.Shoot at the right time to get the right result

For beginners, this is the most common mistake people make when shooting cars. Strictly speaking, there is no bad time, and satisfactory photos can be taken at any time. But usually the best time to shoot is a few minutes after sunset (or a few minutes before sunrise). At this time, there was not too much light, no clear shadows, and the sunlight scattered a variety of colors in the atmosphere. Using a tripod, you can get perfect soft light on the car paint!

2.Shoot in the car

Many times, in order to shoot a sense of movement. One way to get a clear and dynamic image is to shoot the car out of another car. In order to maximize the clarity of the image. You should try to slow down the car and increase the shutter speed. My experience is to set the camera shutter speed to 1/100 second, and the car travels at a speed of 60 km/h (40 mph).

You will get some nice motion blur on the road and wheels. You can even reduce the shutter speed even further, but this will require the use of a tripod and the road must be flat.

3.Car paint

At different times of the day, under different light, the shooting results will be different. Most cars hate direct sunlight, but some colors work well in direct sunlight. Frosted car paint.

4.Background environment

Make sure your background is suitable for car colors and themes. Avoid placing things with the same color as the car in the background. It is forbidden to place things that distract your eyes. Such as metal trash cans, metal products with smooth surfaces, and other cars. If you want to shoot a black GTI, but there is a red Ferrari in the background. This will kill the photo.

5.Let the car interact with nature

Another way to make pictures talk to you is to make the car interact with the surrounding environment. For example, cars make dust, and a suv crosses a river.

6.Night shooting

Many beginners are afraid to shoot at night. Because of the technical reasons of digital cameras, it is very difficult to take clear and clean photos at night. But according to my method, you will be surprised how simple and powerful it is!

The biggest secret here is to find a place where you can see the night view of the city, and there should be no lights in your location.

Set ISO to 100, shutter speed to 5-30, and aperture to maximum.
Then you have to repeatedly test the appropriate shutter speed.

When pressing the shutter, use a normal household flashlight to illuminate the car. If you want to get better results, you can use two kinds of colored light sources and illuminate at the same time.

Or use similar camera settings. Use the car’s own light source for shooting.

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