6 Types Chic Open Space Decoration Ideas

Theoretically, there are many benefits to open spaces, including providing plenty of sunlight in multiple areas, and the convenience of entertaining friends. If you are looking for a property with open space, here are some chic open space decorating ideas that can help you.


Have you ever wanted to add some Mediterranean flavor to your home but couldn’t figure out the right way? If so, displaying rich wood and pairing it with modern furniture is one way. The idea is to use long-span wooden house beams or similar decorations to give the entire room a spacious feel. Top 5 major home decor trends in 2020 click here.

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Same Palette

Even open spaces that combine the living room, kitchen, and dining room should have the same color palette. The idea is to make hue work well together but separate from each other, but there are similarities. Different functional areas have their own independent colors, but the colors cannot be too different from other functional areas.

Pops of Color

Color is always a good idea, especially when your house uses a single color style. The idea is to combine these funky colors with the existing ones, treating the color of your choice as a decoration to the room. Keep the rest of the decoration neutral so that the color completely exudes in the room. When choosing colors, you should give priority to bright, highly saturated colors. For example, yellow, blue, green.


The rustic decoration has always been our highest priority, not only because it is highly integrated with other color schemes, but also because it can be easily integrated into any room. No matter how you own a room full of wood, you will feel relaxed. If you want to find the focus here, the rustic decoration has a touch of farmhouse, or these decorations are all available farm tools.

Vaulted Ceilings

The vaulted ceiling means you will lose a storage room, or a resting attic. I know some homes that need to be remodeled. The number of lofts they use is very low. Especially as a storage function, it is used less frequently than the basement. So the idea of transforming the attic storage room into a vaulted ceiling is very correct. Its chic charm is so great that it makes two spaces feel like one. Pairing vaulted ceilings with huge fixtures can illuminate the room and make vaulted ceilings feel higher.


Modern decoration is one of the decorative styles that makes the room bright, but has characteristics and texture. If you really want to add a sense of modernity to any room, you can choose a dark color like black, gray, brown, with a geometric look. Darkness brings edges to the room, emphasizing the edges of the space. This type of decorative lines should be as uniform as possible, curved or square, not mixed.

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