7 types of practical bathroom tile ideas

No matter how much space you have reserved for your bathroom, creating a bathroom is something you need to take seriously. After all, it’s a space where you can relax and stay away from worries. Therefore, creating a personalized space is essential. What could be better than introducing a unique display, and it can be easily achieved by adding tiles. Here are some bathroom ideas that will inspire you for your next renovation. 6 Types Chic Open Space Decoration Ideas

Exotic Style

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom space, now is the time to embrace it and really bring it to life. Combining geometric tile displays with ceramic bathtubs can create such a chic, almost upscale atmosphere like a holiday. For those who live near the beach or are lucky, this style is very good.

Hexagon Tiles

When you want to add vintage to your bathroom, consider using large hexagonal tiles. These tiles not only have a retro feel, but also add a high-end feel to the bathroom, especially the embossed tiles. In addition, large-area tiles are more waterproof, and these tiles are perfect for any decoration you already have.

Penny Tiles

Although the penny tiles are small, they are very interesting. These tiles can be stacked to form a lot of patterns, giving the room a fresh feel. Something on them is simply fascinating. Can be spliced into text, or geometric patterns to decorate the bathroom in various styles, fresh, bold, wild, and various colors together, so that the bathroom can become any look.

The Black

If white tiles are the tradition of bathrooms, black tiles are unique. The key to decorating the bathroom with black tiles is to make them the main color of the room. Even if they bring gloom, they can’t even see the boundaries of the room. They still surprise visitors and become the focus of discussions at dinner.

Mix & Match

If you like the idea of tiles in your bathroom but can’t decide which one to use, use them all at the same time! The idea is to mix and match two seemingly less effective tiles, but they can actually exist at the same time. Use thicker tiles as part of the wall to minimize floor tiles. In general, this method is most suitable for small bathrooms.

Subway Tiles

Metro tiles are great because they are versatile and do not affect the decoration you already have. Your subway tile will bring the overall color of the unique texture, which is exactly what you want. The choice of color is more casual, and anyone who likes decoration knows that color is always the key. In order to bring a colorful way, you can use high saturation solid colors, red, green and blue. Or use fashionable colors, yellow, cyan, and rose red.

Accent Wall

Accent Wall is a wall that is different from the design of other walls in the room. The color of the accent wall can be just a different shade of the color of the other walls, or have a completely different design in terms of color and materials. The surface of the accent wall can be paint, wallpaper, brick, marble, etc. You can create any pattern by simply using different tiles and even create the texture you want. This is one of the best ways to bring an accent wall without using paint.

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