9 Makeover Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas

Many of you know that most American families don’t have a luxury of laundry room … we stuck to do laundry in the garage or living room (no fun!), And even some poor families do laundry on the grass. I dream that one day I can have a luxurious laundry room and turn weekend time into our entertainment time. Dream if you don’t do it yourself. The dream has always been the dream, turning the existing garage into a real laundry room is what you have to do now.

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Well, just like my usual self (I think I can represent most women) I have spent a lot of time fantasizing about the appearance of this laundry room. I dreamed of almost all the laundry room design ideas I could think of.

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There are many ways to add various styles to the laundry room, and after browsing almost all the farmhouse laundry rooms on Pinterest, I thought it would be fun to share with you 9 of my favorite entertainment places!

Carefully study the design ideas of the laundry room and inspire your own farmhouse style laundry room. Take these rooms as inspiration!

All we have to do is observe, record, measure the size of our room, and then buy building materials. Don’t forget to wake your lazy husband, although he is like a pig. However, at least he can understand human language, two are better than one.

9 Makeover Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas

Common Elements for Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas

  1. Waterproof floor
  2. Two machines
  3. White wall
  4. basket
  5. cabinet

You’ll notice that most of the inspiring rooms in this article include almost all the components listed above. This is a typical, farmhouse-style laundry room. This brings together the long life experience of the American people.

If you are bored, you can break the rules, but you need to know what that means. Higher production costs, higher time costs, and higher maintenance costs. For the average family, I still recommend the farmhouse style. Even if your man can’t help you, you don’t have to explain it to the construction worker for 3 hours, this is just to tell him what you think. Of course you have to pay for these 3 hours.

If you can’t afford the entire room, try adding one! Perhaps change the storage box to a plastic basket first. Then add green plants. Then paint the walls in your favorite color.

The process of turning your laundry into a beautiful farmhouse-style can be easily done in stages, so you don’t have to worry about spending time. Whenever we are going to renovate, I probably do it!

Well, this is my 9 favorite makeover farmhouse laundry room design ideas.

The white subway tile

I like log color and white subway tiles. Very classic match, of course, there are many beautiful combinations of subway tiles.

Dark cabinets

A combination of dark green and white subway tiles. It’s beautiful. The owner also has two dogs, and has a separate shower for the dogs.

Dark Blue Laundry Room

Dark blue cabinet with light blue wall. The combination of similar colors achieves a unified style.

Golden hexagon tiles

Although I have seen many laundry room designs, I silently clicked the like button when I saw this golden hexagon tile.It’s the perfect balance of dark and light, cold and warm. Tiles give you a golden feel, but not fancy.

Note!!! that the spotlight above, if you forget it, your gold will not shine.

Blue and white porcelain

This room is really too small, if not designed and probably would not want to walk in. You really should see what it looked like before. The style of blue and white porcelain is really great. I didn’t expect it to be realized in such a small space. The small shoes on the wall are very interesting. If you are interested in the process of making it then click here.

Dark Floral 

Crazy. It shocked me and the wallpaper was beautiful, but this was the most successful laundry I’ve seen in a makeover. Now to convince your husband, you need to clean up the garage.

Narrow space

The long and narrow space is tricky for anyone, and some are even as wide as a washing machine. Let us see how such a space is designed.

Peacock blue color

This laundry room is a highlight and it stands out from other laundry room colors. This is a masterpiece of Emily and Todd. Please applaud them. If you are interested in his house renovation, please click the link.


Red is a good color. When you are tired of the tediousness of white walls, you will feel that red is an inevitable choice.

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