Among the people conquered by Russia Chechnya part 3 – killed Dudayev

Grab the neighbor first

Since 1993, Chechens are like their ancestors. “Robbed” the Republic of Ingushetia and Stavropol Krai, forged money, stolen oil, robbed trains, and ransom. This became the main source of funding for Chechnya.

Yeltsin couldn’t sit still and began to “liquidate” Dudayev. This was the first Chechen war.

However, the Russian army was not fully prepared, and some generals also publicly opposed the war on the grounds of military shortages.

There was even a matter of the resignation of the deputy minister of defense” and “the front line commander refused to direct the battle”.

Dispersed troops into the mountains

War also happens to be the professional field of General Dudayev. His troops have high morale, and many soldiers have participated in the Afghan war and have rich experience. The Russian army made great efforts to occupy the capital Grozny.

Things are not over yet. Chechen armed forces followed their ancestors, dispersed their troops into the mountains, and continuously attacked the Russian army.

In particular, the incident of“ Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis” made by Basayev in 1995 shocked all Russia. This led Yeltsin to negotiate with Chechnya and withdraw troops from Chechnya.

But the hunt for Dudayev did not end

On April 21, 1996, Dudayev revealed his position when talking with Russian Federation negotiators. Air-to-surface missiles subsequently arrived and killed Dudayev.

But this did not improve the social environment of Chechnya. Dudayev ’s followers are fighting each other, which is not a good thing for Russia, because even a negotiator cannot be found, they are too many.

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