Among the people conquered by Russia Chechnya part 2- Republic not recognized

The Soviet Union collapsed

Immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Chechnya took the opportunity to become independent, and another round of vicious fighting with the Russians began.

This round of independent leader Johar Dudayev was the first Chechen bloodline general in the Soviet army. Due to his outstanding performance in the Afghan war, Dudayev was transferred to the commander of the Estonian Garrison, responsible for suppressing the Baltic democratic revolution.

Johar Dudayev

The Estonian experience was sympathetic to Dudayev. Aroused his memories of the fate of Chechen people.

Dudayev did not suppress the independence movement, but secretly fought with the KGB agents to protect the Estonian independents. In this way, the Estonian independence process can be promoted smoothly.

The three Baltic states

After the independence of the three Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), in the mind of the general, the beautiful picture of the Chechen Republic is being formed.

All three Baltic countries have streets and lanes named after Dudayev. From the perspective of people in these places
The name of Dudayev symbolizes freedom and independence. The picture shows Dudayev Road in Latvia.

Dudayev issued a declaration of independence

In September 1991, Dudayev overthrew the Chechen Soviet regime, declared the independence of the Chechen Republic, and became the first president.

The First Chechen War

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was in constant trouble.
At that time, President Yeltsin had no energy to take care of the Caucasus, so he chose to compromise with Chechnya.

The First Chechen War

On May 25, 1992, the Dudayev regime signed with Russia, “The Chechen Republic and the Russian Federation Distributing Property Treaty.”

All the administrative agencies of the Russian Federation withdrew from Chechnya, and a large amount of weapons and equipment of the North Caucasus Military Region were also transferred to the Chechen armed forces. Chechnya’s complete independence,But there is no formal written document.

Russia has never recognized Chechnya ’s independence in writing. Chechnya ’s complete independence clearly cannot be accepted by Yeltsin. Reconciliation with Chechnya is only a temporary arrangement for the top Russians. At the same time, Yeltsin supported another Chechen tribe leader in order to return to Chechnya in the future.

This strategy is very clever: leave controversy when the ability is insufficient, use small forces to harass opponents, and wait for yourself to restore strength.

But Yeltsin seems to overestimate his opponent’s ability to govern the country. Dudayev is very new to economic development and social management, as is his administrative team.

The newly independent Chechen Republic has frequent civil unrest and economic backwardness, but the government is powerless to deal with it.

However, Dudayev, a soldier, did not know how to manage the country.

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