Among the people conquered by russia chechnya part 4 – A new Chechnya

Three years later, in July 1999, Basayev once again penetrated into the Russian post of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which directly led to the Second Chechen War. However, as in the first Chechen War, the Chechen soldiers were still tough and the Russian army was still weak.

Different from the first time, this time it was Putin who was standing behind the Russian army. He insisted that the war be carried out to the end. He asked the generals to never retreat no matter the casualties.
The new round of Grozny siege was like the front line of Berlin, and the Russian army was fierce.

The Russian army finally succeeded in revenge and Basayev never returned to Grozny. The former Chechen Grand Mufti-Ahmed Kadyrov (Old Kadyrov) helped the Russian army at a critical moment, which also earned him the trust of Putin. Ahmed Kadyrov officially became president of Chechnya in October 2003. A new Chechnya begins.

The Second Chechen War

Chechnya returned to calm, and after 15 years of hard work, the Kadyrov family kept Chechnya away from the war. Grozny ’s tall buildings and mosques are hard to believe. This was the ruined city 20 years ago.

But the battle between Russia and Chechnya is not over. Even tough Putin has not been able to establish his own administrative network in Chechnya. Many Russians still believe that “Chechnya” is independent of Russia.

This is now some kind of agreement reached between Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov (Kadyrov Jr.) and Putin.

Ramzan Kadyrov and Putin

Use “high autonomy” in exchange for Chechen’s apparent obedience. Chechnya will neither fall completely to Russia nor be completely independent. Just “cover the hole”.

New situation

Since taking office, Kadyrov has recruited and dismissed other military forces in Chechnya to form his own unit. This is the only regular army in Chechnya, nominally affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, but in operation only listens to Kadyrov’s orders.

On the one hand, Kadyrov kept Chechnya from warlord warfare, and keeping only one army was the basis for maintaining Chechnya.

On the other hand, for the aggressive Chechens, joining the new army allowed the former “Chechen terrorists” to keep their jobs and continue to fight.

On the battlefield of Ukraine, a scene of “Chechens beat Chechens” was staged. The picture shows the commander of the “Dudayev Battalion” loyal to Ukrainian government forces Munayev

Such a Chechnya is the epitome of Russian domestic politics-the country has never been on the right track, just a machine that obeyed authority (a lot of problems).

It is for this reason that Kadrov Jr. will inevitably become a sought-after. And often bargaining with the Russian central government.

Also, Putin did not skimp on Kadyrov’s reward:
“Russian Hero” and “Major General”, he had all the rewards that Dudayev received.

So on the surface, Kadyrov is loyal to Putin, calling Putin the “commander” and calling himself a “small pawn.” Kadyrov also said that all young Chechen candidates followed Putin ’s orders and were ready to go out at any time.

But outside Chechnya, the Russian army is in a state of tension, and it can be said to use a gun as a pillow.

Even in the case of the crisis in Ukraine, the elite 58th Army of the Russian army was still stationed in the Caucasus, and the 150th Infantry Division, which had taken the lead in attacking Berlin, was deployed to Rostov.

In the Russian Federation, the North Caucasus may be one of Putin ’s biggest headaches.

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