An important reason why travellers choose Georgia – Allow foreigners buy cars

Which country allows foreigners to buy cars???

The answer is Georgia!!!

For most travelers, there are many similar reasons for choosing Georgia as a travel destination. Kazbegi Town Travel Guide – Georgia
In addition to delicious Khachapuri, premium wines and extremely hospitable Georgians, there is also a visa-free policy (360 days for citizens of most countries).

I also learned that this country also allows foreigners to buy houses.
In addition to this, an important reason why travellers choose Georgia is that the Republic of Georgia also makes the car buying process very easy.

How easy is it a foreigner to buy a car in Georgia

Because of low import taxes, the supply of cars in Japan and Europe is stable, and cars in Georgia are much cheaper than surrounding countries. The asking price of used cars in Georgia is twice that of nearby Russia.

Georgia cars are cheap and the registration process is simple. Registering a car only requires a passport and a Georgian mobile phone number, and the entire registration process can be completed within 30 minutes. No address is required to purchase and register a car in Georgia.

Where to find cars for sale in Georgia

I found the car for sale on The site is available in English and there are many cars for sale. The only thing that makes people crazy is that most of the car descriptions on the site are in Georgian, just like ~~ ooogggogogoggo.

Or you can go to the store to buy
There will be some used car dealers around the city of Tbilisi, or you can go to“ Rustavi” on the weekend, where there will be a used car flea market on the weekend.

Check the car

Many young people in Georgia speak a little English, and people over 50 may speak Russian. Communication is indeed a problem, but I do n’t think it matters. In any case, after you buy a car, you should find a car repair shop to do a test. Even if you are an expert.

You can buy a car in Georgia without speaking Georgian, but it will be ideal with the help of Georgian speaking friends.

I think foreigners who buy a car in Georgia have the same purpose, that is, they plan to travel long distances. At least it is necessary to travel to Armenia or Azerbaijan.

Therefore, it is very important to go to the repair shop for testing. If you break down in the Caucasus is a sad thing.

Register a new car in Rustavi

Tbilisi car registration is carried out at the service office of the Ministry of the Interior of Rustavi, 29 km south of Tbilisi. When you are ready to buy a car, you will need to go to Rustavi with the seller to transfer the registration information.

The required documents are your passport and phone number and the seller ’s current registration certificate.

Drivers Licensing Center – service process

  1. Remove the old license plate from the car.
  2. Pay the registration fee.Go to the reception desk and transfer the registration information of the car. You will receive a ticket number to pay the registration fee. Wait for a member of staff to call you and pay the 70 GEL registration fee.Check the car.
  3. Take the car to the inspection area of the service agency. There are staff to check.
  4. Return to reception. Take the inspection certificate.
  5. Choose a car license.Go to another window and provide your ID, car registration certificate, registration fee receipt and inspection certificate. The official will translate your name into Georgian and enter it into the registration system. Then you have to choose a license plate number.
  6. Obtain a new registration certificate.Go to another window-“Registration Certificate”, present your passport and new number plate, and he will give you a new registration certificate.

Now you have a vehicle legally

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