You will like these beautiful and creative doors- Part 2 china Asia

One day I was browsing Pinterest’s push, when I opened a “pin” I fell into the magic world, we found something that fell in love at first sight: the door!

Yes, it sounds strange, doesn’t it? For us, after seeing what we are going to present to you, we are no longer confused. We are sure that you want something like this at home. When you see the first “pin” you understand that these are not ordinary doors.

In this collection, you can find doors from Baroque architecture to Gothic as well as the Middle East and Asia. Definitely worth a visit.

1.door in Zhu Jia Jiao, Shanghai, China 朱家角


3.beijing 2

4.beijing 3


5.Suzhou China

6.Guangxi province, China

Tachu village, near Li River, Guangxi province, China
photo by Gaston Batistini

7.Chinese temple doors

Wutai mountain, Shanxi, China
photo by Alex Saurel

8.Suzhou China

9.Antique Handcrafted wood door

Antique Handcrafted wood door, The village of Xidi, Anhui, China 西递古宅内门


Beijing, China Forbidden City


Beijing, China Forbidden City

12. The traditional dwelling of Beijing, China

13.Zhenyuan, Guizhou, China


14.Yunnan Province, China

Old Chinese traditional gate At Tuan Shan Village, Yunnan Province, China

15.Shanxi province.china

Chinese building at Wang’s Grand , Shanxi province.山西 王家大院

16.chengdu city ,china

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