You will like these beautiful and creative doors part 5 -Zanzibar doors

One day I was browsing Pinterest’s push, when I opened a “pin” I fell into the magic world, we found something that fell in love at first sight: the door!

The most shocking and spectacular impression of Stone Town for the first time attracting tourists is that the magnificent wooden door becomes the entrance to the magnificent building.

These gates have become more or less synonymous with Swahili culture, where they mainly appear in East Africa, Lamu and Mombasa in Kenya, and Zanzibar. Zanzibar’s gates are far more than other places in the coast both in number and quantity, so they are called “Zanzibar gates”. A list in the 1980s reported about 800 doors. Unfortunately, the number has decreased, not only due to the reduction of a few houses, but also due to theft caused by the attention of international collectors.

The door is an embodiment of excellent craftsmanship both technically and artistically. The oldest door is usually made of Burmese (Indian) teak wood and shipped from Asia to the Indian Ocean. The blinds are made into an impressive piece, rather than being patched together like a new door. Burmese teak no longer exists, and the substitute is East African teak. Even this wood has become scarce and difficult to find, often demanding high prices.

1.Zanzibar doors

2.Zanzibar doors Ngambo, Zanzibar West, Tanzania

Perhaps the most striking and spectacular impression of Stone Town for its first time visitor is the magnificent wooden doors serving as prosperous entrances to the grand buildings.

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