Best Hair Color Trends To Try In 2020

2020 is coming, and with this as a guide, it will stimulate new hair dyeing trends throughout the year! Although last year’s bold, bright colors were indeed amazing, we expect the hair color in 2020 to avoid more natural earthy tones. From antique brushed blonde hair to rustic copper red and brown, this is the only 2020 hair color trend guide you need this year!

Hair Color Trends for Blondes

Sandstone Blonde

The perfect blend of beige and taupe.

Sandstone is a color development trend, inspired by wind-blown sand, with soft shadows and color ripples.

Pair neutral root feathers with lighter wheat and beige blonde hair to achieve this effect.
The key point is the difference between the color of the root of the hair and the color of the top of the hair.

Honey Butter Blonde

A pale blonde girl with a warm background and strategic platinum placement. For a multi-faceted look, use honey tones as the base or root, and gently weave golden and white blonde strands. Pay special attention to the prominent parts of the face, which should highlight and enhance the customer’s skin color.

Tip: This hair color usually works better on Asian or white skin tones.


What could sound better in 2020 than the hair color inspired by sparkling sweet drinks? Champagne and red are a dazzling mixture. This is a good coloring option for blondes who want to get involved in certain red-gold shades but are not fully committed to “red hair.”

Amber Sunrise

For those who plan to continue to use all copper blonde hair, please immerse yourself in the atmosphere of amber sunrise. Softly reflective, this color is characterized by a golden copper color.

Imagine the sun at the beginning of each day-the golden stare and the orange hug are bright and passionate, mixed with other colors.

The best dyeing method in 2020 is amber sunrise.

Crystal Ash

A clean, lightweight blonde with natural soot. When trying to realize this hair color trend for yourself

Imagine springs appearing from rocks: cool, original and soft.

The key to crystal gray is to lift the hair to a light, light blond, while maintaining its integrity and strength. If the hair is too damaged by lightning and cannot show the crystal-like characteristics.

Hair Color Trends for Brunettes

Tiger Eye color

Tiger Eye Stone is an ancient stone, worn for protection and confidence, and is known for its rich brown and gold colors.

It is considered healing by Native Americans, and it can be a good color choice for customers who want to start a new journey with courage, strength and perseverance.

Topaz color

Topaz is a precious gem and can come in many colors. From golden brown to red copper, this color is known for its multi-dimensional reflection.

In order to promote self-actualization and control, Topaz may be a good choice for customers who wish to realize these desires in 2020.

To reproduce this color development trend, choose the Mocha coffee brown base material, and carefully woven beautifully in the middle and middle of the copper color.

Caramel color

The perfect fusion of gold and brown, we are no stranger to the demanding “blonde trend” However, 2020 will be the year of Caramel Brown. Vivid lighting, caramel brown with neutral to golden highlights.


The bright combination of red and bronze “Ronde” is another color name mashup, and will definitely receive many requests in 2020. This dark copper and warm brown hair color is best for warm to golden skin tones.

Rustic Copper

Rustic copper is one of the metals considered to be “repair metal” and is both powered and grounded. With a spicy, vibrant golden hue,

any customer willing to choose this dark copper hair color will notice a surge in overall energy. This color is best for skin tones with warm undertones.


Dahlia flowers grow in bright shapes and colors. Mainly red or fuchsia,

Purple dahlia is a versatile fuchsia hair color. Almost suitable for all skin tones, provided you like purple.

According to the customer’s preference or skin color, it can be made into purple mixed with different degrees of red.

Antique Rose

We mentioned that bright and bold fashion colors will be in the back seat in 2020, but not all soft colors are excluded.

I want to use more soft pastels instead of bright colors that fade quickly. Think of pink and old-fashioned washed blue, they are soft and delicate.

A special color is antique rose-a mixture of soft copper and pink tones.


Lilac blue can be interpreted as pink blue or lilac. The above are several ways this color trend may appear.
tip: Reduce the color saturation as much as possible.

Rose Quartz

Soft pink. Rose quartz is called “love stone” and can be a beautiful color that attracts romance to the customer’s life. This light pink can be used as a comprehensive color for fashionistas.

Note: This is a summary of trends published by our experts through my blog and social media. In order to allow our readers to get the most from these articles, we provide a guide to formulate these beautiful 2020 hair color trends with the ideas we provide.

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