Build your own Uniform style

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When I was in high school, I hated the school uniforms we had to wear. This was a style of school uniform that I had no say. Chicago has a fragile cultural heritage that puts schoolgirls in blue and white checkered kilts.

However, in addition to the unfortunate color combination, there are still some things forced to wear the same dress every morning, if you wear a bright dress you will feel that you have made a mistake. Conversely, as I get older, I would say that like uniforms has become a reality . now, I no longer broadcast my identity with clothes, and it is less and less fun to put work together. That’s not to say that I don’t like to dress up all day, but my busy work life makes everyday wardrobe look out of place. Although the challenge of wearing work clothes every day is not unique to women, it is undeniable that women face more challenges than men in traditional workplaces.

This seems to be the case for many office white-collar workers who want to strike a balance between busy working hours and family life. Because of this, some people choose to adopt a “uniform.” When you see the word, you may associate Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck sweater with faded jeans. But what I want to say is that I like a more aggressive style.

Last year I discussed with some clothing designers about the topic of “uniform style” clothing design. Grace is a costume designer from New York. She chose to create her own style uniform to help customers, eliminate choice difficulties, save time and more Focus on your career. For one year in a row, her monthly sales are rising, and the effect is indeed a real change. To get more information, I spoke with Grace. And learn about her helping clients review their wardrobes, develop personal styles, and even make style uniforms. Here she gives advice:

Classic outlines

There are many patterns on complicated clothes, bells and brooches or metal accessories, which are difficult to match with other clothes in the closet. My idea is that uniforms, though part of your iconic look, are not something people should remember. You should make people remember you, not the clothes you wear. Stick to simple patterns and classic outlines, such as MA1, M65, B3.

military uniform should be Versatile

For example, although Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) turtleneck sweater and jeans are simple and easy to match, I do not recommend it to customers because it is too simple, not suitable for business meeting dress requirements, formal work Reception, etc. Choose moderately gorgeous uniforms, you can attend some high-end places, but you can also wear casual occasions without feeling overly grand . Black, military green, and navy blue are natural choices; it always looks chic, and it’s not too eye-catching.

You need comfortable shoes

Avoid making your feet uncomfortable every day. If you need to stand often during your work, three-inch heels may not be the smart choice. We prefer to wear Martin boots, knee-high boots.

Choose an easy-to-match style

In order to improve the cost-effectiveness of clothes and frequent wearing, these clothes should be worn at least 2 seasons. The more transitional the clothing, the better. For that Transition uniform, we chose wool and cotton as coats and pants. In her shirt, we chose various silk and cotton blends to suit different seasons.

Flexible mastery of uniform style

Your signature doesn’t have to look the same every day (although it can), but it’s almost the same. For example, you could use its bomber jacket, jeans and sneakers as a signature look. But often change jacket styles of different lengths, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. You should stick to your formula, but transform the details in that formula. You can still have fun in the uniform, but if the military green jacket is part of it, then you know this is the color you want to buy. Your shopping list will always include this option!

Accumulate slowly

First of all, for uniform styles, there are many ways of matching and different sub-branches. I recommend wearing three trench coats, two jackets, three pairs of pants, and two pairs of pumps. Then you can gradually add four tops, three pairs of pants, four dresses, a pair of pumps, two pairs of boots and a pair of high heels. These items will leave enough choices for your “uniform style”. As a fashion girl, you also need to add some darker knee socks and dark skinny jeans to emphasize the beautiful leg lines and feminine characteristics.

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