Calgary Airport to Banff Traffic Information

Calgary Airport to Banff, Traffic Information

important hint:

  • Make sure you have a valid driving license (Canada, US or International).
  • You must be 21 or older to rent a car.
  • Must have car insurance.
  • You must book your car rental in advance during the tourist season, otherwise you may not find the type of car you like.

More than 4 million people visit Banff National Park each year. Would you also like to see the sunset in the Canadian Rockies with your own eyes? Wondering how to get there? Well, if you are traveling from abroad to Banff, flying to Calgary Airport is the best option. This is the closest airport to Banff. I will introduce the route in detail below.

Calgary International Airport (airport code YYC).

Calgary is a quiet little town. If you feel tired from the journey, it is a good choice to spend a day exploring here.

  • 127 Calgary to Banff, it takes 1.5 hours to reach

Calgary to Banff: drive or rent a car

One of the best ways to get to Banff National Park from Calgary Airport is by car. If you are driving to Calgary, then to Banff – great. Along the way you will be welcomed by stunning mountain views, lakes and valleys.

Flying to Calgary Airport? Then renting a car is your choice. It takes 1.5 hours (or 90 minutes) from Calgary Airport to Banff. Drive through one of Canada’s scenic routes and you will encounter wildlife, magnificent peaks, valleys and fields.

You can rent a car at YYC-Calgary International Airport. The airport has many international car rental brands.

Car rental costs-$ 55 to $ 65 per day, depending on the type of car (you can also find a car rental service at low prices under $ 40 CAD during off-season travel)

Gasoline-Gasoline is sold in Canada in liters, about $ 1.2 CAD per liter

There are two routes from Calgary to Banff.

  • Pass Stoney Trail (Highway 201)-fastest route
  • Via Trans-Canada Hwy / AB-1 W-slower route

Calgary Airport to Banff: Airport Taxi

Taxis can take you from Calgary Airport to Banff. No advance booking required.

Here are Calgary’s taxi and taxi vendors:

Calgary Taxi-Phone: 403-605-999
Calgary United Taxi – Phone: 403-777-1111
Taxi from airport to Banff (one way): $ 250 CAD (one way)

Calgary to Banff: Sightseeing Tour

There are sightseeing tours from Calgary to Banff and nearby attractions. The trip lasts more than 5 days and includes airport transfers from Calgary.

Fees-Sightseeing from Calgary Airport to Banff

$ 630 + USD for 5 days sightseeing tour. It includes the following:

From Calgary Airport to Banff, then roundtrip (roundtrip)
Includes tours of Banff, Yoho and Jasper National Park
5-day sightseeing tour with 4 nights hotel accommodation

Calgary Airport to Banff: Shared Shuttle and Shuttle Bus

There are bus services from Calgary Airport to Banff. They are operated by many local and national service providers. The whole journey usually takes more than 2 hours. You can choose from Calgary Airport, a hotel or the city centre.

Fees-Calgary Airport to Banff Bus and Shared Transfers

A bus from Calgary to Banff is your cheapest option. Special fares start from $ 10. Regular fares are $ 64.

Tickets for adults, students, seniors and children vary. You can also buy discounted prices.

Hitchhiking from Calgary to Banff

Remember that the city of Calgary does not allow free-riding, which is illegal. That’s why you won’t see any travellers within the city limits. The allowed route is Highway 1 outside the city limits of Calgary.

Banff Park admission fee is $ 10 per adult per day, remember it is every day! !! !! Not once.

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