Canyons & Cathedrals: Itinerary for Kutaisi, Georgia

Kutaisi has a population of less than 150,000 and is a very compact city. After arriving in Kutaisi, it is easy to walk around. We have reached most places, and we can also take a public bus network to get around the city. The route of bus No. 1 is suitable for exploring the city because it stops at the Central Market and the main bus station.

The Green Bazaar

Wander around the “the Green Bazaar”, the main market in Kutaisi. This is a place that the locals patronize every day. If you want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, then come here.

The Green Bazaar is one of the most active markets we have visited in the Caucasus, I think this is one of the best events in Kutaisi.

Don’t miss seeing the bas-relief monument on the market’s facade, it is near the “the Green Bazaar”.


Bikentia’s Kebabery

Enjoy lunch at a restaurant in the center of Kutaisi. Bikentia’s Kebabery is my favorite restaurant. If you have a limited budget, please dine here with the locals, the price is cheap, and it is a good opportunity to contact the locals.


Every 20 minutes there is a marshrutka VAN from Kutaisi to Tskaltubo.
From The Green Bazaar, go west, cross the Red Bridge, and look for the truck parked on the left side of the road. The VAN going to Tskaltubo put the Tskaltubo logo on the windshield.
The ride takes 20 minutes and costs 1.20 GEL. Pay the driver directly after getting off the bus.

At its peak, Tskaltubo had no fewer than 40 nursing homes, which are now abandoned.

When you arrive at Tskaltubo, you will get off the road. There are many abandoned or still running bathrooms scattered behind you, as well as some larger nursing homes on the main road.

Bagrati Cathedral

The turquoise domed Bagrati Cathedral overlooks the city of Kutaisi from the top of Ukimerioni hill. Built in the 11th century, this church has experienced many stages of decline and reconstruction.

Gelati Monastery

The Gelati Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located 10 km outside Kutaisi and is an excellent example of a Christian orthodox chapel.

Martvili Canyon

Kayaking is the preferred activity when visiting Martvili Canyon.

The gorge was once the favorite swimming hole among Georgian nobles, and it is easy to understand why-the green and blue tones of water, trees and mossy rocks are amazing.

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