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Cappadocia-a popular place on Instagram

First, it is important to know that Cappadocia is a region of Turkey, not a city or town. So, where is Cappadocia? About 3 hours drive southeast of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, many of the pictures you see are taken at “Göreme Nevşehir Merkez”.

Göreme Nevşehir Merkez

Cappadocia quickly became one of the most popular Instagram locations in the world. From magical hot air balloon sunrises to stunning scenery, Cappadocia provides photographers with everything they need to travel.

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When visiting Cappadocia, please make sure you have been in Cappadocia for at least 3 days. Because the hot air balloon is greatly affected by the weather. If the hot air balloon does not rise in bad weather, you will have the chance to lift off again. If you plan to take a hot air balloon in the morning, but cannot take off due to the weather. Then you will leave with regret the next day.

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Really, I suggest that all travelers can stay for 4 or 5 days in order to be able to do more hiking, but you can see all the main attractions of Cappadocia within 3 days. Even if there is only a short time in Cappadocia, it still allows our list of the best travel destinations to be added to your list.

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Sunrise view of Cappadocia

In June, the balloon usually takes off around 5:00 – 5:30 am. You must get up early, and only then can you seize the best place to watch. It is very cold even on the morning of June, so be sure to wear warm clothes! I arrived at the observation point and waited for an hour. The balloons are heating up and we can see them. However, it did not take off until 6:00 in the morning.

Hot air balloon in Cappadocia

Although most people say you must take a hot air balloon, it does not mean that you have the opportunity to take a hot air balloon. Due to climate, time and cost reasons, many people skip the hot air balloon journey. If you have time to spend money, and the weather conditions are suitable for hot air balloon takeoff, then you will definitely fly to the sky.

Unless the wind is too strong, the hot air balloon takes off every morning at sunrise. If you have three mornings in Cappadocia. In case they were cancelled one day of the flight plan, the other two mornings had the opportunity to experience the hot air balloon.

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Best free sunrise view of Cappadocia

Although many of the most popular sunrise views are in local cave hotels, no matter where you stay, there are places where you can watch the sunrise for free.

Sunset point

You can walk or drive to Goreme ’s sunset. If you have a car, it will be easier to reach, but the parking space will fill up quickly.

Many mountains can be climbed for free. You can see Goreme from the mountain. I went in mid-June, but the area did not feel crowded. The parking lot is full and there are many people around, but there are still plenty of vacancies that can be used to enjoy the view and take pictures. However, if you do n’t live in a cave hotel or just want a different perspective, this is a good choice.

Balloon take off scene

Because of the wind direction, the hot air balloon take-off location is not fixed, but according to travel companies, the flight distance is fixed.

Cappadocia has two take-off points. The day before the planned departure, find out which one is being used. You may not be able to go to the one they are using. Because the distance may be very far.

Usually near “Göreme Ranch”. Or “Church of St. John the Baptist”

Must check location and favorite Instagram attractions

Cappadocia is full of different places, and you can enjoy great scenery and photos. There are cave churches built hundreds of years ago, and the scenery makes you more like the moon. If you like hiking, you can also go hiking in the area. The entire Cappadocia is a peculiar terrain.

Goreme Museum

“Zelve Open Air Museum” is one of the most popular tourist sites in Cappadocia. If you want to take a walk, you can reach it on foot. It is located about a mile (1600 m) across Goreme’s hotel and main street. The museum opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm (5 pm in winter). The fee is 45 Turkish lira (approximately USD 8) per person.

Please make sure you arrive at 8 am, because the tour will start between 8:30 and 9:00, for us, it makes sense to leave early.

An additional fee is required to visit the Dark Church (10 TL or approximately $ 1.75 per person). The Dark Church is the best-preserved cave church, and other cave churches are equally impressive.

There are people sitting outside most cave churches to remind you of some rules. In many churches, they ask you not to take pictures and keep quiet. Religious frescoes cover the interior of the church.

Fairy Chimney Valley / Pasabagi

Also known as Pasabag Valley, this is a place worth a stop, and it’s free! The best way is to rent a car or taxi. You can also join the tour.

This is one of Cappadocia’s Instagram Spot! ! !

Pasabagi is very similar to Goreme Open Air Museum, many people think it was taken at Goreme Open Air Museum. If you want to take Instagram Spot photos, then be sure to go to Fairy Chimney Valley. As far as cave churches are concerned, this is a small area.

The most famous shot is near the parking lot. If you go straight and then go left, you will see a small shopping area. It’s over there. Even in the morning, many people will go to shoot. Most people will have tours. The number of people in these groups varies from 20 to 40, so be prepared!

Sunset Point / Goreme Balloon Takeoff Zone

This attraction is the hardest to find. Before I left, I almost gave up. Just show the picture and no one knows the location. The morning before I decided to leave, I was driving. My companion pointed out an attraction, and I realized that we found the place I always wanted to find.
Please search for Rose Valley or sunset views-this is the area between them. This is one of the areas where the balloon takes off in the morning. You will eventually see a stunning view of the area.

Useful information

when are we leaving

I went in May. It’s not too crowded yet, but I think April-May and September-October are ideal for the weather and the crowd. In winter, the wind is strong, and the altitude is extremely cold, and the balloon flight has the most cancellations! If you choose to go in winter, please stay a few days longer to make sure you can ride the balloon.

How to get there and walk around

There are daily flights and buses from Istanbul and Ankara. If you have plenty of time, choose road trips to watch the scenery along the way. If you are traveling from Istanbul to Cappadocia, this road will pass through Ephesus and Pamukkale.

Renting a car in Cappadocia

Renting a car in Cappadocia can reach some distant attractions without having to worry about visiting, which is a small fee. You can rent vehicles at the two airports serving Cappadocia. You may need to obtain an international driving license, so make sure you understand the rules before you set off.

Tour group

Cappadocia also has tours named by color-green tour, red tour and blue tour. If you do n’t rent a car, you can use these tours to locations far from the city.

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