Colombia Travel Guide & Top Places to Visit


Colombia is in South America. It is the country with the best preserved tourism resources.

Because it ends a history of violence and civil strife. There are so many places to play in Colombia, almost all over the country, from Palomino along the coast to Mocoa in the south and anywhere in between.

History buffs can go to Lost City or seeing the ancient statues in San Agustin.

Beach lovers can go to the beaches of the Caribbean coast, Cartagena or Palomino.

City enthusiasts have two great places, Bogota or Medellin.

Nature lovers I recommend you (Chicamocha). There are vast canyons, the snow-capped Andean

Mountains. There is also the Amazon Forest in the east of the country.

In the Colombian guide below, I will present route suggestions for Colombia.


Is it Safe to Travel to Colombia?

In today’s Colombia, there really is no need to worry about abductions or guerrillas. But you

still need ordinary safety knowledge and you should still implement common sense precautions.

Colombia is very similar to the rest of Latin America and you should be wary of looting or theft.

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Best Time to Travel to Colombia

Because Colombia is located near the equator, it can be visited all year round. But there are also differences. Although there are no four seasons, there are also two seasons, the rainy and dry seasons.

December to March is considered the best season to visit Colombia, as this is often the driest time. This is also the peak season for Colombians and foreigners, as there is no need to worry about floods and carrying umbrellas. So the number of tourists will increase, and of course hotel prices and other services will also increase.


Some facts about Colombia

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The Republic of Colombia (Spanish: República de Colombia), referred to as Colombia. Colombia is located in northwestern South America, bordering Venezuela and Brazil in the east, Ecuador and Peru in the south, Panama in the northwest, the Caribbean Sea in the north, and the Pacific Ocean in the west. The coastline is 2,900 kilometers long. The territory is divided into the eastern plain area and the western mountain area.

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Colombia is located in the tropics, and the climate varies from topography to topography. The southern plains of the eastern plains and the Pacific coast have a tropical rain forest climate. The mountains at 1000-2000 meters above sea level have a subtropical climate, and the northwest has a tropical grassland climate.
Colombia was originally the residence of the Indians such as the Chibutcha, but became a Spanish colony in 1536. Independence was proclaimed on July 20, 1810, and then suppressed. In 1819,

after the rebel army led by the South American liberator Simon Bolivar defeated the Spanish colonial army, his brother was liberated again. In 1821, it formed the Republic of Colombia with the present Ecuador, Venezuela and Panama. From 1829 to 1830, Venezuela and Ecuador successively withdrew, and the Republic of Colombia collapsed. It was renamed the Republic of New Granada in 1831, the United States of Colombia in 1861, and the current name in 1886.

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Colombia has a moderate level of economic development in Latin America and a high degree of marketization. In 2018, Colombia’s GDP was US $ 330.133 billion and its per capita GDP was US $7255.57.
On June 17, 2018, Colombia held the second round of voting in the presidential election. Duke,the candidate of the largest opposition Democratic Center, was elected and took office on August 7.

With a population of 46.4 million in 2014, Colombia is the second most populous country in SouthAmerica.

The five cities of Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, and Cartagena are the main population centers of Colombia.

The race in Colombia is the result of a mix of local indigenous Indians, Spanish colonists, and African slaves, producing a mixed Indo-European (58%), white (20%), mulatto (14%), and black(4%) And Indian-Black mixed race (3%). The official language is Spanish. Most residents are Catholic.

They use the Colombian peso, and the most recent exchange rate is $ 1 to 3,000 pesos.

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Prices in Colombia

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If you travel to Colombia, you don’t have to worry about your daily expenses. In fact, for travelers with limited budgets, this is simply paradise, because they can do a lot with a small budget.

This is due to the fact that one dollar can be exchanged for 3,000 pesos at the current exchange

rate, and 10,000 pesos can eat a meal, which is actually no pressure for budget travelers. Here are some prices in Colombia.

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In Colombia, even spending money is relatively cheap. Access to most national parks.

costs only about 50,000 Colombian Pesos (COP). It’s about $ 9.00! The coffee plantation tour is also cheap at around 15,000cop.
Usually, dining at a fast food restaurant will cost about 15,000 Colombian pesos (about $ 4.50) to 28,000 COP (about $ 9). If you go to a more upscale sit-down restaurant, you can pay 25,000 or more for delicious dishes (usually between $ 10 and $ 20).

Accommodation. A typical budget hotel room may cost about 60,000 Colombian pesos (about $ 20.00) and includes free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Colombia map and guide

You can plan your trip to Colombia according to your preferences. I hope to help you.

City of Colombia Travel

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Santa Marta, Colombia-A cool city along the Caribbean coast.

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Bogota, Colombia-the bustling cosmopolitan city-Colombia … This place undoubtedly has a lot to see.

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Popayan, Colombia-A small colonial town known as the “White City” with many ancient buildings.

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Cartagena, Colombia – the main destination for international travelers. This is a colorful street where you can take many beautiful photos.

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Cali, Colombia-a large and humid city.

Armenia, Colombia – a great stop for coffee plantations.

Nature & outdoor activities in Columbia



Hike the Valle de Cocora-Perhaps one of Colombia’s most unique natural sights, towering wax

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palms rise above a verdant green valley. This must be done when traveling to Colombia.

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Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs-You will find the impressive Santa Rosa de Cabal hot springs.

Rio Claro Nature Reserve – The Rio Claro Nature Reserve is located 3 hours east of Medellin.


Hiking in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy – visit the Andes and snow-capped peaks

Some details are still being improved and will be updated one after another.

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