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The Trigrad Canyon is a natural landmark and one of the most impressive areas of the Rhodope Mountains. In fact, it is the third largest canyon in Bulgaria, second only to the canyons near Yagodina Gorge and Trun town. It is located in the west of Rhodopes, next to the village of Trigrad, about 70 kilometers from Smolyan, the largest town in Rhodope.

Trigrad used to be a border area in the past. During the Cold War, due to strict confidentiality policies, access was very limited. A small asphalt road passes between the canyon-Trigrad village and Devin town. This is the only connection with the outside world.

The Trigrad Canyon is 6 to 7 kilometers long. Millions of years ago, the bottom of the Trigler River flowed with high water levels, forming a vertical wall of the canyon, between 100-300 meters high.

The devil’s throat is famous for its 42-meter underground waterfall. A man-made tunnel leads to the so-called “noisy hall” where the water of the Tegler River flows down from the natural entrance of the cave. The size of the hall itself is impressive. The water of the river disappeared through some small cracks in the hall.

When to visit Devil’s Throat Cave

The cave is open to visitors every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm, accompanied by a guide every half hour. The walk takes about 20-25 minutes. Entrance fee per adult is 4BGN.

Rhodope Mountains

There are other impressive caves in the area. In fact, there are many natural caves, about 200.

The most famous is the Haramiiska cave, which can only be accessed using special equipment. Exploring this cave is a difficult task and requires professional climbing equipment.

There are caves in the Rhodope Mountains area that have been inhabited thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the pottery and pottery found inside. Another impressive cave is the Yagodinska cave located near the village of Yagodina.

Yagodinska cave

Haramiiska cave

Rhodope Mountains Animal

Canyons are interesting and can be used as habitats for certain animal and plant species. The most famous is a bird named Wallcreeper, which nests in the vertical cliffs of the canyon. Yagodinska cave is the largest shelter for bats in the area. Because the internal temperature is constant (about 8 degrees), thousands of people choose to hibernate in the cave during winter. The whole area is inhabited by brown bears, wild boars, foxes…

Trigrad village

There are different types of accommodation in the village of Trigrad-many small hotels and some hotels, as well as some shops and restaurants. This family hotel is common throughout the Rhodope region and there is no need to worry about accommodation.

Since the altitude here is about 1200 meters, the summer here will never be too hot. In winter, there is sometimes heavy snow, but in general, the area is accessible throughout the year and is visited all year round, while the peak tourist season is in July and August.

The area is considered to be one of Rhodope’s most beautiful areas, with many options for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding routes.

Popular walking route

The most popular walking route is

  • from Trigrad to Yagodina village .
  • Trigrad – Lake Tritt – Mugla Village – Lednicata Hut
  • Trigrad – Vodni Pad Village.

Devil’s Throat Cave

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