Don’t neglect Post Travel Blues

Don’t neglect Post Travel Blues

It was like this, our three-week trip around Russia was over. No matter how long the vacation is, the vacation must end at some point. At that time, many people, including me, were dealing with post-travel depression.

For me, the third day after traveling home was the most sad. Russia is a country I particularly like. I always feel uncomfortable returning to my real life home. Since I often think about the causes of depression, I think I will share some ways to deal with post-travel blues.

Deal With Post Travel Blues

When I was walking in the Siberian forest, we had to talk to a local hunter guide. He told me stories about how he was a pilot of The Sukhoi su27 (СухойСу-27) years ago. I asked him if he was sad because he missed his job as a pilot because his job is so different now. His answer was simple: “I am a pilot when my country needs a pilot, and I am a hunter when my country needs a hunter.”

I think that’s so profound. He also said: “Stubborn people who stay in the past can only be abandoned by the times, just like reading a book. Sticking to the previous chapter is just to make sure you miss the opportunity to see how beautiful the current chapter is.” He is a person living in the present, but describes this fact in the language of the Communist Party, and life is cruel. Either accept this fact or be abandoned by the times, which one do you choose.

This is also a great way to deal with post-travel Blues. Rather than focusing on what’s missing, ask yourself, “What should I do now?” In the adult world, sometimes it just takes a bit more cruelty.

Bring some travel souvenirs home

Although I love taking home souvenirs from trips and decorating our home with photos of places we’ve been to. But even better is taking home what we have learned. My favorite aspect of travel is that it allows me to see how other people behave in life.

I love talking to locals and learning more about their culture. We always try to absorb knowledge about their lifestyle.

One magical way to deal with post-travel Blues is to decide what to include in your post-travel life. For us, traveling to Russia always motivates us to live hard and cherish time.

What do you miss

One aspect of post-travel Blues is that you are missing something. Usually, when we are on vacation, we temporarily get rid of the “must-do” of our lives, and we can be happy for this.

Take a few minutes to think about it and list what you miss the most. Then figure out for each project how to recreate it in everyday life. It may not look like what you did when you were on vacation, but it can often be integrated into your life in some way.

What are you escaping from?

Vacations are also usually the time when we get rid of the unpleasant or unpleasant times in our lives. Similar to the above, please take some time to think about what you might escape when traveling and how to eliminate some of them from your daily life. You may not be able to get rid of it completely, but usually we can do more to change our lives than we always realize.

You may also think that these are bullshit! and you will say that if you can change, it will change a year ago. I Still waiting? now?

Many times do not change because they are lazy or do not know how to change. The change that travel brings to people is to make you no longer lazy,Or give you clues and inspiration for change.

Write down the regrets of the trip

One of the biggest aspects of post-travel blues is:
You’re used to exciting things and realizing your whimsy, and now it’s over. To solve this roblem, please fill in this exciting content in notepad or write facebook. You can do this on the first day of return, and then open the book to see the content on the next trip. This will help you relieve anxiety.

Remember, travel is the same as life. Incompleteness is inevitable. It’s like a night when you walk in a familiar street head-on to ex-boyfriend and his wife … The key is to accept regret.

Plan your next trip

Sometimes, no matter how good your life is, or how much you love where you live, you will indeed miss the country you travel to! This is how I always feel about traveling! The solution to this type of post-travel blues is to plan your next trip.

Make up for this regret with your next passion and expectation. Maybe a handsome guy is waiting for me in the next country, drooling. . . .

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