How did Moldova become an independent country

Bessarabia is a region

Bessarabia is a historical region in Eastern Europe, bounded by the Dniester river on the east and the Prut river on the west. About two thirds of Bessarabia lies within modern-day Moldova, with the Ukrainian Budjak region covering the southern coastal region and part of the Ukrainian Chernivtsi Oblast covering a small area in the north.

He also has a name you should know-Moldova. A landlocked country only a few hundred meters from the Black Sea coast.

Bessarabia is the territory of Romanians (clan names). More than six hundred years ago, Romanians were active near the Danube.

The Romanians established three principalities here: Transylvania, Moldova and Wallachia.

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Later Hungary annexed Transylvania, leaving Moldova and Wallachia. Wallachia is now Romania. In 1859, the two merged, called Romania.

Tsarist Russia

The two brothers encountered a terrible enemy-Tsarist Russia with a strong desire for land. In 1810, Russia defeated Ottoman Turkey. Two years later, Turkey ceded Bessarabia to Russia. Tsarist Russia established Bessarabia Province, which was directly ruled by Tsarist Russia.

The Turks sold Romania to Tsarist Russia. Of course Romania was unwilling to do so. Later, resistance appeared.

The gospel of Romania sounded in 1917, and a major event occurred in Russia, which changed the human process overnight. The Soviet Union believes that the countries ruled by Russia have the right to independence, and Romania is certainly happy. In January 1918, Moldavia was established, and soon merged with Romania.

This was a good thing, but it was smashed by the Romanian office.

Soviet Union

Romania has not yet completely controlled Bessarabia, and there are anti-Soviet forces in the country. Romania is anxious to get rid of Soviet influence as soon as possible and speed up the process of independence. So unite anti-Soviet forces against the Soviet Union. The interests of the Soviet Union were damaged, and the Soviet Union was extremely annoyed and determined that Romania would become its own enemy.

Now, the Soviet Union defeated Ukraine. Romania was in a hurry, they knew they could not beat the Soviet Union. Romania had to admit its mistakes to the Soviet Union and expressed its willingness to withdraw from Ukraine. Soon Romania saw the Germans attacking Ukraine westward. They thought that the Soviet Union was almost over and suspended their withdrawal.

The Soviet Union was angry, and Romania was afraid again, and came to negotiate again. However, the results had not yet been discussed, and the Romanian management left, and the changed Averescu was tougher than the previous managers and was reluctant to talk. The Soviet Union had just been established and needed to strengthen relations with neighboring countries. Neighbors all signed contracts. Only Romania does not sign a peace agreement with the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union established the Moldavia Autonomous State

Romania has never regarded the Soviet Union as a brother. Even United Kingdom, France, Japan and other countries are required to recognize Bessarabia as Romanian territory. The Soviet Union was furious.

The Soviet Union has survived the most difficult years and has chips in hand. In 1924, the two sides negotiated again, but Romania relied on the support of Western countries and firmly refused to give in.

To fight against Romania. The Soviet Union established the Moldavia Autonomous State to compete with Romania for Bessarabia.

During World War II

Romania firmly believes that Western friends can help them, ignoring the Soviet Union.

The fact is that Romania recognizes Britain, France and France as the backers. But after the rise of Germany, Britain, France and the Soviet Union established an anti-German front. In order to gain Soviet support, France forced Romania to negotiate with the Soviet Union. Romania had to talk about it. Unexpectedly, the Soviet Union did not raise the issue of Bibi Sarabia in the negotiations. Romania is certainly happy.

What made Romania unexpected was that Romania’s newest brother, Germany, framed Romania again. In August 1939, Su De made a non-aggressive transaction. One of the conditions of the Soviet Union was that Germany agreed that the Soviet Union “take back” Bessarabia.

During World War II, the Germans swept across Europe, the British contracted strategically, and France surrendered directly. Romania had no friends and became lambs to be slaughtered. In June 1940, the Soviet Union required Romania to “return” Bessarabia. If Romania does not give it, the Soviet army will not be idle.

Now Romania understands how unlucky it is to have a strong neighbor. Deterred by the strength of the Soviet army, Romania had to give Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union merged these sites with the former Moldavia Autonomous State and became one of the 15 member states of the Soviet Union.

The end of World War II. Since then, Romania and the Soviet Union bordered the Prut River, and on the east bank of the river was Romania’s brother, Moldavia.

When the Soviet Union disintegrates.

Moldavia, which has been renamed Moldova, has not merged with its brother Romania. Instead, he went alone. Although Romania’s economy is good, with more than 9,000 US dollars per capita, and only 2,000 US dollars in Moldova, industry is still concentrated on the left bank of the Transnistria, where the Russians live.

After Russia regained strength, Moldova and Romania were not allowed to merge. It will never be like East and West Germany,

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