How much it costs to travel in Jordan-Jordan Travel Spending Guide

Jordan is a tourist destination for many people, but its price is high. We know it’s not cheap, but I didn’t feel it clearly in the capital Amman, and I was surprised by the expensive cost until I arrived in Petra.Although this is an expensive destination, Jordan is good value for money and we highly recommend visiting this incredible country.

You need a $ 99 visa and Jordan Pass as part of your budget.
It is best to buy Jordan Pass online before arriving in Jordan. This waives visa fees and gives you free entry to 40 major attractions as part of the cost.The cheapest option is $ 99 USD, allowing you to enter Petra for a day. The most expensive is the pass that gives you 3 free days to Petra for $ 113 USD. Included (Petra, Wadi Rum and Jerash) Excluded (Petra Night Value $ 24 USD).

Travel information

After arriving at the airport to Amman, there are two options:
If you choose to take a taxi, you have to pay jd 22 ($ 30).
Or choose a bus, but it will take longer (at least an hour to reach Amman), but only cost jd 2.5 (about $ 3.50).
There is no accurate time for the bus at the airport. The staff said that the bus leaves every 40 minutes, but from my observation, it should be full and then leave.

Cost of accommodation in Jordan

Then the cost of the accommodation is about $ 70-$ 300 per day. The lowest cost is about $ 100 per day. The service is poor. You will be angry because of the dirty. In order to have a good mood, I suggest you choose a hotel above $ 200. High end-$ 300 USD per day.
High-end hotels in Jordan are not exactly 5 stars, but with 5 star prices! For $ 300 a day, you can easily dine in the most comfortable accommodation environment.
For hotels under $ 20, I think it is a helpless choice for the local poor. If you’ve been to the Indian city of Mumbai, you know what I’m talking about.

Women’s note for visiting Jordan

As an American or non-Islamic person. You must have seen photos of women in the Middle East, and you have also heard of some customs in Middle Eastern countries. This will leave you a little confused before heading to Jordan.


Cost of Meal in Jordan

In Amman. The food here is cheap and delicious. Sandwiches, salads, french fries, and burgers, which you might eat in your hometown, will only cost you $ 7 (including water and soft drinks).However, for trips in rural areas such as Wadi Rum Dana, and Mujib, the cost of a meal (same content) will be as high as $ 20.

Attractions fees

My Jordan Pass includ 3 free days, so i stayed here for 3 days, but it is said that the 4th day is free. This part is less publicized, I suggest you ask the administrator.

If you haven’t bought a Jordan Pass,you need:
One day pass – 50 JD or $71 USD
Two day pass – 55 JD or $78 USD
Three day pass – 60 JD or $85 USD

Wadi Rum
get into the Wadi Rum need $7 USD(per person),A four-wheel drive for a day trip costs $ 80.
Living here in a tent camp, all food and sunrise cost me $ 150 (one night).

Wadi Mujib
Wadi Mujib self-guided tours cost 21 Jordanian dinars or $ 30.

Dead Sea
If you choose a luxurious way to visit the Dead Sea. Just find a hotel, which will include the cost of visiting the Dead Sea, and such a hotel will cost between $ 150 and $ 300 per night.

Alternatively, there is a shuttle to the Dead Sea from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv running daily throughout the week which is the cheapest way to reach the sea and includes the entrance fee to the beach.need 99$ (per person).

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