How to Create a Worry-free Living Wall

If you think your garden has insufficient space, or if you want to hide boring vertical surfaces in your garden, I would like to talk to you and give valuable suggestions. Gardeners planting living walls have come up with a solution to the problem of installing vertical gardens. By growing on components such as walls, fences, etc., the space for plant growth can be doubled.

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Production steps

1.window frames

The desire to grow more plants led me to consider vertical planting. The use of window frames is the smartest approach, as this material is the cheapest and easily available.

After determining this method, I performed arithmetic, and each of these window frames could grow about 8 plants. So if you want to grow 40 plants, you need 5 window frames. If you are planting a large garden, you will need more than 50 window frames.

2. barbed wire

You will also need some barbed wire and then nail it to the window frame. Note here that you have to tighten the barbed wire.

3. Nylon bag

This small bag is made of cloth, which is used to hold soil. At this step you have to pay attention to the type of fabric. Nylon should be preferred because cotton will break down easily and your bag will leak after one or two years.

4.Fix it & Choose a good place

Put the bag in the soil, then put the plants you want to plant in the bag and fix it on the barbed wire.

At this point you are done. All you need to do is hang it up. You should choose indoor first. Next I will tell you why it is indoor. You should also pay attention to the wall in order to be healthy, please choose a wall with sufficient light.

Some of my experience sharing

Since this discovery, I have read many articles about growing various living walls, including succulents, vegetables, herbs, and gardening techniques. If you want to make a perfect living wall, you also need to read more botany books. Because different plant growth cycles and soil requirements are different, that means you cannot plant lotus and cactus in a pot.

Living walls do not refer to plants that are rooted and grown on the ground. The living wall consists of a number of independent vertical gardens with a soil or water-based medium fixed to a vertical surface. If you are a rich person you can consider some living wall systems. These systems have the ability to automatically water and fertilize.

In addition to increasing your growth space, moving walls have multiple benefits. They are an antidote to small space gardens, providing a more relaxed way of gardening for people with reduced mobility, and making originally boring vertical spaces green and gorgeous.

If the gardener plans to plant indoors, the living wall can sometimes prolong growth. For example, building walls in a warm, protected living room can give seasonal plants extra days or even weeks to grow. By reducing the temperature of the house and saving money at the same time, the living wall can also serve as a thermal insulation layer for the house, which can be very cool in summer.

Even better, weeding is not required for living walls. For urban families, the absence of weeds means an incredible time-saving advantage. Many people can’t believe this fact, then you think about how weeds come. If your living wall is indoors, it means that the grass seeds outside will not be blown into the pots by the wind, unless the living wall originally had weeds. . If you have an automatic garden watering system on your living wall, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water. No weeds and no watering means a super relaxing gardening experience.

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