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let me tell you something about Back Tattoos

When tattoo lovers discuss some of the best areas when it comes to tattoos, the back offers one of the largest areas of tattoos.If you are a fan of particularly complicated tattoo styles who like Japanese style, back tattoos are the best space for large and large artworks.

As with other tattoo positions, back tattoos can be painful, but the end result can be incredible.

For those with large integrated tattoos that target multiple themes, back tattoos also provide flexibility and more options.

As long as the size of each individual tattoo pattern is correct and the artistic style fits well together, the back provides enough space to accommodate multiple different tattoos.

No matter which style of tattoo you decide to use, the back is a piece of art suitable for your favorite and a beautiful canvas with personal value. There are also many classic cases of back tattoos in history for reference.

If you are not sure where to start planning your back tattoo, or if you need a bit of inspiration in design, this article will help you, because tattoos are different from other painting arts, which can only be implemented once.

Today, we will look at the best back tattoos so that you have a good understanding of back tattoo styles.

What is a Back Tattoo?

The differences between people are huge in any field, and the same is true for back tattoos. Back tattoos can vary greatly depending on your own personal preferences and tastes.

Some people like to turn the entire back into a large theme-specific piece of art, while others like to put a series of individual tattoos on the back.

It should be noted that because male back tattoos take up so much space, it is not uncommon to divide these tattoos into multiple parts, which can be religious subjects or cartoon characters.

Back tattoos are also an ideal place for those who want large tattoos. They can proudly show them off or hide them easily.

In Japan, back tattoos are a good choice if you work in a work environment that doesn’t like tattoos because they can always be reasonably covered.

Deciding on a Back Tattoo Design

Choosing how to get started is the hardest part of doing anything, and the hardest step in getting a back tattoo is to start designing the back tattoo.

This is especially important for tattoos, as artwork takes up a large part of the human body and it is difficult to recover if something goes wrong.

This tattoo placement will be bold and eye-catching whether you choose to transform your back into any tattoo, several or one tattoo.

Back tattoos are the best option for anyone who wants to make a statement, but it is essential that the design you choose must be something you absolutely love.

Take the process of deciding on a back tattoo design seriously, so you can proudly show off your tattoo instead of hiding it.

There are four main factors to keep in mind when deciding on a back tattoo design. Theme Style Color Size.

By choosing a back tattoo design around these four main factors, you can make the most correct decision in the least amount of time, and the tattoo will ultimately succeed.

The following four factors are the only things you need to take seriously:


If you want to create a back tattoo design based on a single theme, it is important to take some time when choosing the theme. The famous painters in history all took a long time to plan painting themes when drawing murals.

This will ensure that your back tattoo is just as admirable as a famous mural.

Choosing the ideal back tattoo theme will also mean choosing a particular tattoo style will be much easier. Although tattooing is a very private and highly autonomous activity, if you plan to show it in public. The theme must be chosen appropriately. For example, you choose a theme for the German Nazis, or a theme that contains racism. You will get in trouble.


As far as tattoo style is concerned, like any painting art, the options are endless.

Similar to other tattoo designs, you can create back tattoos in various styles.

From tribal style to religious tattoo style, you have a lot of creative freedom, so be sure to consider all options before making your final decision


As the most eye-catching and largest area of tattoos, choosing color is one of the biggest decisions to make when designing a back tattoo.

First, you need to choose between black and gray inks or colors. Then make further choices based on the color of your skin. That is to say, African-Americans, Native Americans, and ordinary white people are different in choosing tattoo colors.

Each of these options is equally popular on back tattoos, but you should consider your personal preferences and overall reasonableness.

If you have trouble making a decision between the two, ask your tattoo artist for their professional advice and use it to make the final decision.


The last important factor to consider when deciding on a back tattoo design is the size of the tattoo itself.

Although almost all back tattoo designs are large, the size may vary, depending on whether your work covers the entire back or only part of it. Even if the same pattern is drawn on different people, there will be differences in size. Also, tattooing is different from drawing on paper or cloth. The skin is alive, and the first day after you finish drawing is different from one month later. The dye will spread through the skin, so you will feel it becomes a little fuzzy. This way you will understand that when you choose some patterns, if the drawing area is too small, then you will probably not see the texture after one month.

For example, some people like to draw a small fish tattoo on the back. It looks great on the first day, but after a month the scales are gone and the koi becomes a catfish.

If you want the back tattoo to completely cover the back and the texture is clear, you should choose a back tattoo design with simple line design, but you should not reject complex designs, because it is all related to the tattoo artist’s technique and dye.

Is the back tattoo painful?

When it comes to male back tattoos, this is one of the most common questions: How painful is a back tattoo? In fact, this question is only asked by those who tattoo for the first time, and those who choose to tattoo on the back are generally not the first time.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Everyone’s tolerance for pain is different and cannot be answered uniformly.

In short, how much damage your back tattoo will take depends on the exact location, the length of the treatment, and your personal pain tolerance. Tattooing on the back usually lasts many times, and not all at once.

Duration of treatment

If you are concerned about how much pain you will suffer, remember that back tattoos are almost always divided into multiple sessions.

Generally, shorter tattoo sessions are a more tolerable experience for those with less pain tolerance.

If you have a high level of pain tolerance and can sit comfortably for several hours at a time, then you don’t have to divide your task into multiple times.

You should still keep in mind that pain is a normal reaction of the human body. If an unexpected situation occurs, such as an infection, the skin is red and swollen for a long time (more than one month), please consult a doctor.

Usually it takes only one day to draw monochrome lines, and it takes one week or more to draw works with colored characters with light and shade changes. If a skin infection occurs, you need to wait for the infection to disappear before continuing to tattoo your back.

how much back tattoo costs?

The next most common back tattoo problem is how much it costs.

As you might expect, larger tattoos mean higher costs.

As the largest body part of a tattoo, a back tattoo is also often the most expensive part.

1.Full-back tattoo

Full back tattoos are more expensive, with an average price between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000.Full back tattoos take an average of about 50 hours and are usually divided into sections. Some tattoo artists can accept installments. This means that although this type of back tattoo is the most expensive,

it can be split based on your budget and there is no limit to the time between tattoos.

2.Half-back tattoo

If you tattoo (up or down) on only a part of your back, you can spend less.

If a half-back tattoo is done with a contour that uses only black ink, the average cost is about $ 1,000.

This process can take up to 7 hours if you are adding color to the mix, so you may need to spend around $ 1750 or more.

Half-back tattoos are strictly part of full-back tattoos.and most customers with half-back tattoos will add new tattoos within 5 years.

Back Tattoo Photo Gallery

Whether you decide to get a back tattoo or are still trying to decide.

check out our back tattoo picture gallery and get inspired!

1.Half back tattoo with colorful wings

2.back tattoo with colorful butterfly

3.Disney cartoon style back tattoo-The little mermaid

4.Disney cartoon style back tattoo-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This tattoo owner is a girl from Taiwan Annafaye

5.Half back tattoo with colorful monarch butterfly wing


6.Full back tattoo with colorful wings

7.india hanna style back tattoo

Strictly speaking, this is not a tattoo, it can only be a body painting, but you can choose this style as a back tattoo.

8.Indian blue hanna style half back tattoo

Author unknown

9.Indian hanna style full back tattoo

Author unknown

10.Indian hanna style full back tattoo

Author unknown

11.Indian hanna style full back tattoo

Author unknown

12.Indian hanna style Lower back tattoo

Author unknown

13.Indian hanna style back tattoo

14.Indian hanna style back tattoo

Author unknown

15.Indian hanna style back tattoo


16.Indian hanna style back tattoo

Author unknown

17.Indian hanna style back tattoo

Author unknown

18. Tattoo For Women On Back Spine chease

This is a tattoo about Chinese philosophy. Chinese characters are hieroglyphs and beautiful characters. It is a trend to decorate yourself with Chinese characters as tattoo designs.
We know lemons are sour, and here is a metaphor for the hardships of life. But lemonade is delicious. Facing the hardships of life, we should not look at it pessimistically, and turn it into lemonade to enjoy it.

19. Tattoo For Women On Back Spine Punjabi

20. Tattoo For Women On Back Spine from Buddhist

These patterns come from Buddhist scriptures, Thangka. It is auspicious meaning.

21. Tattoo For Women On Back Spine Moon phase

Author unknown

22. Tattoo For Women On Back Spine Solar system

Author unknown

23. Tattoo For Women On Back Spine Arabic

Author unknown

24. Tattoo For Women On Back Spine plant

Author unknown

25. Tattoo For Women On Back flowers

26.Tattoo For Women On Back flowers

27.Tattoo For Women On Back flowers

28.Tattoo For Women On Back flowers

Author unknown

29.Tattoo For Women On Back flowers

Author unknown

30.Tattoo For Women On Back flowers

31.Tattoo For Women On Back flowers

32.Tattoo For Women half Back flowers

33.Tattoo For Women Back flowers

Author unknown

34.Tattoo For Women half Back flowers

Author unknown

35.Tattoo For Women Back flowers Cat and snake

Author unknown

36.Tattoo For Women Back flowers

37.Tattoo For Women Back flowers

38.Tattoo For Women Back flowers

39.Tattoo For Women Back flowers

40.Full back tattoo Geometric figure

41.Full back tattoo Geometric figure

42.Full back tattoo Geometric figure

43.Full back tattoo Geometric figure

44.Full back tattoo Geometric figure

45.Full back tattoo Geometric figure


46.Full back tattoo Geometric figure

47.Full back tattoo Geometric figure

Artist: Glenn Cuzen

48.Back of Neck Tattoos for Women 

Author unknown

49. Legendary creature elephant Back Tattoos for Women

Author unknown

50. Legendary creature elephant Back Tattoos for Women

51.Legendary creature elephant Back Tattoos

Author unknown

52.Legendary creature Full Back Phoenix Tattoo for Women

Artist: Александр Ликонен Tattoo artist Russia Moscow

53.Legendary creature Full Back Phoenix Tattoo for Women

Author unknown

54.Legendary creature Full Back Phoenix Tattoo for Women

55.Legendary creature Full Back Phoenix Tattoo for Women

56.Legendary creature Full Back Phoenix Tattoo for Women

Author unknown

57.Legendary creature Full Back Phoenix Tattoo for Women

57.Legendary creature Full Back “china Long” Tattoo for Women

58.Legendary creature Full Back “china Long” Tattoo for Women

58.Legendary creature Full Back “china Long” Tattoo for Women

Author unknown

59.Legendary creature Full Back “china Long”japan style Tattoo for Women

60.Legendary creature Full Back “china Long”japan style Tattoo for Women

Author unknown

61.Legendary creature Full Back Tattoo for Women

62.Legendary creature Full Back Tattoo for Women

Author unknown

63.japin style Full Back Tattoo for Women

Author unknown

64.japin style Full Back Tattoo for Women

65.japin style Full Back Tattoo for Women

66.japin style Full Back Tattoo for Women

67.back tattoo with colorful butterfly

68.Full back tattoo Geometric figure

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