How to dress like “Gossip Girl” -Blair Waldorf

We all know that Blair Waldorf is a fashion icon in “Gossip Girl” and her style is hated by many of us. Even so, it can’t prevent us from learning fashion dress style like her.

Blair Waldorf, played by actress Leighton Meester, is a mean girl for gossip girls. She has a gorgeous appearance, classic and refined style, and always knows what to wear on any occasion.

secret designer

Maybe Blair ’s secret designer is her mother, she is a fashion designer. But the fact is that even if she is sleeping, she can look flawless from head to toe!

Don’t be afraid to use color

Playing with colors and using them bravely, this is what I learned from the film. Use neon colors boldly. If you are wearing a classic top, please use yellow or red neon pants; and orange heels! Wear colorfull tights, leggings or knee-high socks. Mix colors and have fun!


Even when she is at home or sleeping, Blair always looks radiant and beautiful. Maybe no one will see you, but for self-esteem, dress well.

Use girl characteristics

Blair always put bows or laces on his clothes. She adds charm from her style, no matter how cruel she is, it shows her sweet side!

Wear a girly dress

Blair always wears a unique dress! This means that this dress is perfect, she is never afraid to wear unique and perfect clothes.

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