How To Shoot Beautiful Dance Portraits photography

Beautiful movements and music. Everything dancing is a feast for the senses, especially the eyes. The charm of dance is irresistible, which is why many photographers like to use it as a subject. Dancing is one of the most exquisite arts in human history.

Andrew Claus, Eileen Jaworowicz, Aileen Roehl, 2008

However, like other sports subjects, taking pictures of dancers is not easy. Having a camera doesn’t guarantee you great dancing photos. There are many factors you must consider before shooting. Let’s talk about it.

1 focus

Dance is moving. It’s like other sports, your actors are moving most of the time. You need to know how to focus well. If the position of the actor can be fixed then I suggest you set the focus first.

2 light

Dance is usually performed on stage or indoors. To do this, you need artificial light to ensure fast shutter speeds-at least 1/1000 of a second.

3 Use a tripod

Use a tripod. This is the best way to stay still. This is also a great way to bring your photos into focus. It is best to use the continuous shooting function to shoot a series of actions. At the end of the shoot you can pick the photo you think is the best. Because no matter how good the camera shutter is, there is a delay, and no one can surely grasp the most exciting moment.

4 Depth of field

set your camera to the longest focal length. Doing this will light your subject while blurring ambient light.


Choose the location to take pictures indoors or at night. The ambient background is darker and you need to make the photo more ambient lighting. For this you should use a higher ISO and / or larger aperture lens. The iso may exceed 10,000, which is best if you have a F1.2 lens.

Here are some photography composition references, hope to help you

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