Hungary travel guide

Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarország) is a landlocked country located in central Europe, bordering Romania and Ukraine in the east, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia in the south, Austria in the west, and Slovakia in the north. The border line is 2246 kilometers long. As of January 2017, the total population of the country was 9.798 million.

Architectural, because of the fusion of Roman, Turkish and Hungarian culture, many interesting places in Hungary have been created.

There are many cities in Hungary to visit. Starting from Roman ruins, medieval streets, baroque churches, and Turkish thermal baths, these buildings can be seen and visited in almost all cities in Hungary.

Although Hungary is a very small country, it has amazing scenery. If you travel around, you will find many beautiful places to go, you will see so many soft landscapes and magnificent hills, which will make you want to run to the top of the mountain and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In addition, Hungary can marvel at everyone with its authentic rural flats and woods, where you can take amazing photos and enjoy the peaceful and natural sound.


Budapest is the capital and the largest city in Hungary. Budapest reflects the history of Hungary, which can be seen in the buildings of the city. The capital of Hungary is known for its extensive hot baths-public baths from the Turkish era to the modern era-allowing visitors to experience the uniqueness of Hungarian culture.

In addition, Budapest is the best place to taste the most delicious food in Hungary, because there are many places in Budapest where you can taste authentic beef stew.

If you decide to visit Budapest for a few days, don’t worry, the price of hotels in Budapest is very similar to other places in Hungary, and it will not be overpriced because it is the capital. All in all, Budapest is a great place for nightlife.


Debrecen is the best foodie city in Hungary, so if you plan a unique trip, then Debrecen is definitely not to be missed. Debrecen is the place where Hungarians have the most food.

Debrecen is famous for its liveliness because it hosts many festivals throughout the year, has many unique cafes and bars, and is always full of students, tourists and businessmen.

Due to its active and comfortable culture, the city of Debrecen can easily be regarded as one of Hungary’s main attractions. In addition, when talking about the city’s landmarks, it’s not easy to forget the city’s impressive buildings and central square. If you like to stroll through calm streets and crazy bar culture, it means that Debrecen is for you.

  • The restaurants in Debrecen have a lot of food. This is a country full of food, and the dishes offered are enough to prove this. I recommend 5 dishes to you.
  • Debreceni Sausage
  • Slambuc
  • Puliszka
  • Tarhonya
  • Goulash


Sopron is a very charming town with traces of Rome, located on the border of Austria. If you want to know the must-see attractions in Hungary, Sopron is worth a visit because it is considered to be the most beautiful town in Hungary.

The town is famous for its mid-century style and is an ideal place for a casual stroll at night or during the day, and an ideal place to relax in one of its cosy local bars, where you can get delicious traditional meals and famous wine.

It is highly recommended to taste the famous white and red wines in one of Sopron’s vineyards. Sopron’s wines have different flavors and sweetness, which cannot be tasted in vineyards in any other country.

Hungarian territory is very small, and he left without care. If you are going through Hungary and heading to other European countries, a one-week stay here is more appropriate, or it can be shorter. If you just want to travel to Hungary for a long stay. Then you can spend a lot of time to experience this country.

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