Is It Really Acceptable to Wear Yoga Pants All Day Long

The sports and leisure craze has flooded into regular gyms, and this month you can expect to see more women than usual wearing fitness equipment. Whether it is running in school, drinking coffee in the morning, or even drinking alcohol, yoga clothing as daily clothing for women of all ages is becoming more and more necessary. As a white-collar worker in New York, Laura said: “It seems that wearing sports style every day is completely acceptable.” “Even if you haven’t run along the street.”

“I think it’s acceptable to wear sportswear all day,” said Jessie from Google. His colleagues only wear leggings, sports bras, vests and headscarves from head to toe at work. “This is a trend. People of all ages wear sportswear all day, whether they are older or younger. People shop for the idea of sportswear, and it ’s best to suit yourself, do n’t worry Others’ views “

However, some people have other ideas. Sports models shake after morning training may bring a sense of sports fashion, and for Ginny working on Wall Street is another case. She said, “For professionals weighing more than 200 pounds, there may not be the same charm …”

The clothing designer pointed out: “You can’t see people in Paris walking around in sportswear, which is inappropriate.” Grace is also a brand consultant for clothing brands. She also said: “I don’t want others to know that I am wearing sportswear.”

Fortunately, the latest sportswear brands are struggling to blur the line between sportswear and everyday wardrobe. In some cases, a pair of yoga pants is no different from stockings, and then put on a pair of boots, then the dinner time is not suitable. The following are suggestions for using sportswear in daily work:

  1. Keep up with seasonal trends.
  2. mix function and fashion
  3. Accessorize appropriately
  4. Dress for the occasion

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