Istanbul Sightseeing Route – Turkey

1.Hanging out to Istanbul

Take a taxi from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to the hotel in the city center. I took a shower and then explored the lively area around the hotel.

We ate Dona grilled meat from a roadside stall, watched an ice cream show, and then sat down to have a beer. It is still fun to hang out on the streets of Istanbul for a few hours. Street snacks are reasonably priced and this is my favorite activity in Turkey.

Hagia Sophia,Blue Mosque and Suleymaniye Mosque
Stunning views of Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. I was dumbfounded. Although some areas are still under repair, they look great!

Blue Mosque photograph

Grand Bazaar Istanbul photograph

Hagia sophia photograph Istanbul

Suleymaniye mosque Istanbul Travel photograph

Istanbul Sightseeing Route hagia sophia
Istanbul Sightseeing Route Blue Mosque
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Istanbul Sightseeing Route suleymaniye mosque

I walked along the street towards the beach. Although the style of Suleymaniye is very similar to the Blue Mosque, there are some differences.

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The Blue Mosque was built in 1609 in the Baroque style. The prayer hall can accommodate 10,000 people. The Islamic style is all made up of small pieces of tiles, and the worshippers are scheduled to pray every day. He is characterized by six minarets.

During my visit, I found the Blue Mosque dome is very beautiful, the light inside is more eye-catching, and provides better photography opportunities. If you want to take photos that contain beautiful entrances and minarets, we recommend that you use a wide-angle lens.

I bought some Simit from a street vendor, and I was a little tired after walking through three churches. I bought some bread to eat. This simit is only suitable as a snack. If you want to be full, please try other Turkish foodscag kebap, İskender kebap, Beyti kebab, Tas kebab.

This is simit

Simit, gevrek, bokegh or koulouri are round breads. Breads such as sesame seeds or poppy seeds, flax seeds or sunflower seeds are usually found in the cuisine of the former Ottoman Empire and the Middle East. The size, elasticity, chewability and other characteristics of Simit vary slightly by region. In the United States, it is called Turkish Bagel.

İskender kebap
Beyti kebab
Tas kebab

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2.Beyoğlu -Beyoglu District

Another day, I decided to explore the three districts of Istanbul. Galata, Karakoy & Taksim, they all belong to Beyoglu District. Opposite Sultanahmet, the Sultanahmet district is also where the Blue Mosque is located.

To reach Beyoglu you need to cross Haliç (Golden Horn Bay). I took a tram from Sultanahmet and passed Galata Köprüsü to Tophane.

I toured along İstiklal Street. Then, we head to Cuma Cafe(Çukur, Çukur Sk., 34435 Beyoğlu / İstanbul),

Cuma Cafe

a pleasant tree-lined cafe. Prices in Istanbul are on the high side, but sitting here is very comfortable when you are tired.

To be honest, Iskiklal Street is nothing extraordinary. It’s just that the streets are filled with unknown words. There are many people here, especially on weekends, locals and tourists are here to visit.

İstiklal Street

3.Ortakoy Mahallesi Muhtarligi

This mosque is great, its style is different from other big mosques, it is built by the river. You will be surprised when you see its reflection.
If you are good at walking, you can choose to walk from İstiklal Street to Ortakoy mosque. The total distance is 7 kilometers. But when I return, I suggest you take the bus.

4.Galata Stone Tower,Galata Kulesi

I visited here on another day. There are many people queuing to visit, the fare is 45 lira, the elevator goes to the restaurant and then takes the stairs to take a picture around the circle. There is a holiday on Friday and the traffic is very congested. Try to avoid coming here on Friday.

After visiting Galata Stone Tower, I walked to Karaköy. Karakoy breathes fresh air, and the air is full of the smell of the sea. Quirky coffee shops, restaurants and street art fill the entire area.

You can sit down and admire the passing boats at a coffee shop near the sea.

5.Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey

This is a must visit market. You may have some questions, why go here. Because he is so fun.
All kinds of goods, everything. 27 entrances and exits, connected by 55 large and small channels. Be careful to get lost

It’s an amazing experience, you can find many types of tea (the best try “Sudan and berry tea”, it is super delicious. Also don’t forget to talk about price discounts. The ancient and authentic market takes you back to Ottoman Times. You can find all types of sweets.

6.Nuru Osmaniye Mosque

Just next to the Grand Bazaar, you can also visit: the Mosque of Bayezid II, Beyazit Square and the famous Instagram spot “Kubbe”

Nuru Osmaniye Mosque
the Mosque of Bayezid II

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Finding Kubbe is a bit difficult, but if you search for “Kubbe Istanbul” on Google Maps, it will give you the exact location.

Kubbe provides tea, lays carpets and pillows on the roof, and throws raw meat to the seagulls, allowing them to fly and shoot. It’s a little expensive for 100 Turkish lira per person. But in order to take photos on Instagram spot, I accepted this -100 lira! ! !

The photo I took here is really too ugly, I will not upload it~

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