Live like a local in Tbilisi – part 3 Dezertirebi Bazroba

No matter where you are, if you want to learn more about a place and its people, then visiting the local food market is a good starting point. If you want to deepen your understanding of Georgian food and culture, it is necessary to linger for hours in the largest open-air market in Tbilisi.

It gives me a new understanding of the quality and quantity of Georgian products (vegetables, fruits are fresh), which of course makes me wonder if there will be more surprises if I come to this place in different seasons.

Now take you to browse the local market. The Dezerter Bazaar food market in Tbilisi is a place full of local atmosphere, full of people and very lively.

Just like the Dry Bridge Market, Dezerter Bazaar is also very large. But it is different from the Dry Bridge Market.

Countless stalls at Dezerter Bazaar sell everything from sulguni (Georgian cheese) to pickles and fresh fruits. The people who go shopping are ordinary people, and the number of tourists is very small. It is a rare opportunity to experience the local culture.

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Dezerter Bazaar earned a reputation during wartime: Soldiers who fled during the Russian Georgian war in the 1920s would sell weapons and equipment on the market, thus winning the nickname “desert”. This is probably the story.

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