Live like a local in Tbilisi-tour guide part 1

So far, Georgia ’s capital, Tbilisi, is my favorite city in the region and an ideal place to start a Caucasus adventure.

After immersing yourself in Georgian wine and food for a few days, you will begin to appreciate culture and religion, making the region so unique.

  • Gorge on khinkali, khachapuri and other Georgian delicacies at the many Georgian restaurants around town.

Two days is the best time to watch the highlights of Tbilisi. You may choose to wander on the street or in the cafe on the third day.

Spend the best days on some popular day trips near Tbilisi by participating in organized tours or using public transportation. Organized tours can save time, but you lose the pleasure of discovery.

Things to know before going to the Caucasus

Recommended day trip to Tbilisi

You can depart from Tbilisi for a day trip to Kazbegi, Kakheti and Borjomi areas, but you will go to these attractions overnight during the trip.

  • Mtskheta-the ancient capital of Georgia, home to the must-see Jvari Monastery, one of the country’s three UNESCO heritage sites.
  • Gori and Uplistsikhe – Joseph Stalin Museum and one of Georgia ’s “cave cities”.
  • David Gareja Monastery – Hiking through the incredible cave monastery in the Kakheti region south of Tbilisi, which borders Azerbaijan to the south.

Comb through Soviet Red Army memorabilia at the Dry Bridge Market

The Dry Bridge Market, a huge open-air market, is located near Dedaena Park.

Every day someone gathers here a lot of antiques, antique utensils and Soviet kitsch, including war medals, propaganda posters, portraits of Lenin, gas masks, and Soviet maps.

How to travel from Tbilisi to Kazbegi

There are more suppliers here on Saturday and Sunday, because many vendors are part-time, so please try to visit on weekends.

Tbilisi street food

Many Ukrainians we met on the trip, they came to Georgia just to eat vegetables. I have to say that such street food is really magical. Georgian cuisine is known to be very delicious, rich in carbohydrates and cheese.

Khinkali is a national delicacy in Georgia. Dumplings filled with dough are filled with minced meat and herbs, or potatoes and cheese. Food you must not miss in Tbilisi.

There is a condiment to eat khinkali, so be sure to dip it before trying. But rest assured, khinkali condiments are not necessary. This is all part of the fun!

The production of diets such as khinkali is also very popular in Asian countries. If you have been to China and Southeast Asia, you will understand.

Tbilisi’s best scenic viewpoint

Tbilisi is a city with a long history, with criss-crossing streets, which is particularly spectacular from a height. The cable car connects the valley area of Tbilisi with the hilltop landscape. But you can walk to the best observation position, which is the popular photo position on the Internet.

I will tell you where this photo was taken, but this road is really hard to find.


If you are lost in the winding backstreet, ask a friendly resident to point you in the right direction. The locals will tell you how to find the right way.

Tbilisi’s courtyard

Tbilisi city centre is like a palette. Colorful buildings of various heights are spliced into a city. Behind the seemingly uniform and neat stone facade is the clutter of the Tbilisi residential area.

During the period of the Soviet Republic, many houses were divided to make room for thousands of families entering the city. The government expanded the house and added external spiral staircases to create new entrances. Formed a hodgepodge appearance of the current building.

In Tbilisi, you will see a shared courtyard like this. This is also a phenomenon left over from a special historical period.

Tbilisi Abanotubani sulfur bath

When Tbilisi was established in the fifth century, the city was built on a network of natural hot springs. According to the data, the name “Tbilisi” means “hot spring”.

The Abanotubani district provides some clues to the geothermal sports ground below the surface of Tbilisi-here, you can visit a small waterfall in the center of the city and see the beautiful Georgian balcony houses cling to the rocky canyon.

Abanotubani is also home to Tbilisi ’s famous domed bathroom. Everyone uses precious sulfur water to provide a very beneficial treatment for human skin. If you want a true local experience, try soaking and steaming in the public bath.

Some are open 24 hours. In addition, most bathhouses offer private rooms, where you can take a bath alone or chat with friends, or get a massage from a local masseur.

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