Live like a local in Tbilisi-tour guide part 2

This is the travel notes of a tour in Tbilisi and the second part of a series of articles. Need to see more content please browse other parts

So far, Georgia ’s capital, Tbilisi, is my favorite city in the region and an ideal place to start a Caucasus adventure.

After immersing yourself in Georgian wine and food for a few days, you will begin to appreciate culture and religion, making the region so unique.

Things to know before going to the Caucasus

Takes you back to Tbilisi in 1914

Tbilisi has many retro-themed restaurants and taverns. Most of them existed during the Soviet period. Barbarestan is known as a place to participate in “time trips” and is unique.(ბარბარესთან • Barbarestan

D. Aghmashenebeli ave. 132, Tbilisi 0112

The restaurant menu is based on the recipe book “Complete Cooking”, which was published by the Duchess, Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze in 1914. Therefore, it has some classic Georgian dishes, combining traditional ingredients from Europe and Asia.

D. Aghmashenebeli ave. 132, Tbilisi 0112

Due to its long history and wide acceptance, Barbarestan is considered to be one of the best high-end restaurants in the city. Chef Levan Kobiashvili is considered to be one of the best chefs in the country.


Churchkhela is popular throughout the city and is probably the most misunderstood cuisine in Georgia. Once you overcome the fact that they look a bit like plastic, you will love it.

Just like Snickers, the dense calorie Churchkhela is made from a bunch of nuts dipped in grape juice.

It’s so sweet, I can’t finish it all. If you are like me, please do not buy multiple at once.

Stalin’s underground printing press

Stalin has a strong strength in Tbilisi (Stalin was born in Gori Town). The Soviet history of Tbilisi is well worth studying, and history enthusiasts will be interested in visiting one of the most interesting relics of this period, Stalin ’s underground printing press.

This is a place where secret promotional materials are printed, below the ground. Eventually connected to a well.

If you are interested in the history of Stalin, don’t miss a visit here.

The Dezerter Bazaar

Very good local market. The Dezerter Bazaar food market in Tbilisi is a place full of local atmosphere, full of people and very lively.

Just like the Dry Bridge Market, Dezerter Bazaar is also very large. But it is different from the Dry Bridge Market.

Countless stalls at Dezerter Bazaar sell everything from sulguni (Georgian cheese) to pickles and fresh fruits. The people who go shopping are ordinary people, and the number of tourists is very small. It is a rare opportunity to experience the local culture.

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