LIVING WALL example analysis-vertical garden

LIVING WALL example analysis-vertical garden

Edmonton Airport installed a 32-inch-high, 60-inch-wide interior living wall , 20 miles from central Edmonton donw town. The client began professionally renovating its commercial office space, including the atrium lobby, which completely renovated its 23 floors. The architectural firm’s design renovation project suggests the use of a large event wall to literally “activate” the space to provide public seating and party areas as well as a background security desk at the front desk.

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living wall designer Sabrina Buttitta designed an organic plant tapestry. The 1,600-square-foot event wall can accommodate 10,000 plants, and the plant palette has been carefully selected to achieve multiple goals. These plants must have similar lighting, watering, and fertilizing requirements. Only then can all plants be guaranteed to be alive.

Building reform

The existing atrium wall consists of depressions and shutter-like cuts, making it difficult to make living walls. The architect devised a solution for the construction of independent walls. In this way, we can build a wall to the required specifications to achieve the appropriate load bearing capacity and waterproof requirements. Waterproofing is a key step. This project includes water supply, drainage, and wall waterproofing to ensure that it will not cause trouble for the actual office.


With 11,000 plants and their vertical distribution, artificial irrigation is time consuming. The living wall consists of 16 different irrigation areas with an irrigation clock, and each area can be individually programmed. The irrigation control measures for the living wall were carefully planned from the design stage. The architect’s task was to provide a nearby control room where the walls and floors were completely waterproof, and we could place irrigation manifolds to control the watering of the moving walls.

Located on the other side of the atrium wall, the control room is a 8’x 5 ‘room dedicated to the maintenance of the movable wall. Irrigation systems have system-wide filters that remove any particles from the drinking water source, so they do not block emissions sources in the drip irrigation system. An injection system for fertilizers and chemicals was installed; the valves on the manifold were equipped with heating to bring the water to the required 62 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent damage to the roots of the plants.


Although the project is located in the atrium, there is still no direct sunlight. Not enough continuous lighting to promote plant growth. The lighting system has been integrated into the overall design of the living wall so that all plants bathe the light evenly in all parts of the wall. The lighting system, like the water supply system, is controlled by a timer to ensure that the plant receives 12 hours of light a day. Adjustable spotlights can be moved according to the needs of the plant and create different nuances on the wall itself. The result simultaneously meets aesthetic needs.


The living wall is unique in that it uses a remote monitoring system to monitor the condition of the living wall. Dedicated sensors are embedded into the walls.Special sensors are embedded in the walls. Soil humidity, temperature and fertilizer are all monitored by sensors. Such sensors are installed in each different area. Users of the software can access the Internet at any time to view the status of the wall.

How to Create a Worry-free Living Wall

The space created by this living wall is tempting and visually interesting. In addition to the advantages of plants in improving indoor air quality, the movable wall has a positive impact on visitors and employees who pass through the wall every day. They all love this unique design. If you liked this article please follow me on pinterest.

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