My thoughts on digital nomads

In an era of rising unemployment, longer working hours, and declining social mobility, digital nomads are being followed by a bunch of people.

They are those who can never find happiness and hope in their daily work, or some people who are gleaming, and suddenly think of a new way of life. This is not surprising. This is something produced by the development of the Internet to some extent, and some people are working towards this goal. They want to live in a low-cost area and then use their PC to make money.

It is easy to understand why this lifestyle is so attractive.

The lives of digital nomads are selectively presented through their Instagram profiles, YouTube channels and personal blogs to highlight the best aspects of location independence.

Social media makes people feel relaxed on the beach is their main occupation, not any work done after the camera is turned off. This means that those who want to live freely want to replicate this success. And these viewers don’t know that what they see is just the good side. And who wouldn’t show their best on the Internet? (Maybe it’s hard to write code behind!)

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However, this selective information presentation obscures or completely ignores some aspects of digital nomadic life. That is, the professional skills that many digital nomads already possess before pursuing this lifestyle. And the social relationship of digital nomads in the affluent western world (such as New York, Wall Street), which nobody knows.

How difficult it is to become a digital nomad

Becoming a digital nomad is not as easy as some bloggers see in a large number of books published by them. Many leading digital nomads don’t just build businesses that don’t depend on geography.

Usually, they have been working in certain professional fields for many years-this is what most people dream of-they can use these jobs to achieve a free transition to geographic location. Usually these areas have very low requirements for fixed office locations.

  1. Change existing occupation

As the digitization of employment is getting higher and higher, some of these occupations can easily achieve remote office. Creative occupations, including writing and various design fields, are the main fields of digital nomads. Graphic designers can easily transition to freedom of position.

Digital technology jobs, such as programming and software development, have similar advantages because employees can submit their work digitally and contact their colleagues via Skype and email. More and more technology companies promote remote work. I once discussed the location of the office with a friend, so I learned that certain positions of Google can work from home.

  1. Use a good job to build a new business

Some digital nomads come from professional backgrounds. Although their incomes are good, they do not like their living conditions or their pessimistic expectations about the future. Hope to change, work in a state of free movement. They gave up their previous careers and used their savings to start businesses and become explorers of new lifestyles.

Many of these people choose new occupations that are related to their previous jobs, such as consulting, online education, stocks, futures, and digital currency. If you explore carefully, you can still find many industries that can make money remotely.

Of course, digital nomads are not a specific person, but a group of people. One of their favorite entrepreneurial attempts is to guide people how to follow their own steps and how to successfully realize their ideals. They sold a series of overpriced books and courses, these books and courses are often about inspirational text.

But many nomadic gurus rarely talk about the professional skills or social relationships on which they used to live. So it is very difficult to achieve a nomadic life, at least for those who have just graduated from college. This is almost impossible to achieve.

The essence of survival is to create value

In the digital age, mastering digital technology is very important for everyone, especially for digital nomads. Because it is the full use of these skills and equipment that allows them to freely choose the place-work and life.

These skills include video production, remote collaboration, remote project management, time management, knowledge management, financial knowledge, stock analysis and more.

Most successful digital nomads can combine these unique skills to achieve higher productivity than ever before, and thus have more wealth and free time.

Digital nomadic life is not as described by many so-called experts. It seems to be easy to obtain, and only requires ideals and effort. I’m here to tell you that it is not an easy task to realize digital nomadism, and it is more difficult than regular occupations.

For example, you are a writer, and you have completed the creation of Game of Thrones. Then you post it on social media and get followed. Then you came to London to write an episode, and then to Sydney, to write another episode.

Then you created value through words. Instead of flying from London to Sydney.

So if you want to achieve digital nomadic life, your concern should not be the diary of a digital nomadic master. But professional skills.

“Digital nomad”, what kind of life.

“When you are not constrained by working in a specific location, the vast world is your potential workplace.” This phrase is very popular in the field of digital nomadism.

In fact, the beauty of being a digital nomad is the ability to work remotely everywhere. This means being able to work anywhere. Whether it is a tropical beach, a mountain village or a jungle.

With the continuous development of Internet technology, the coverage of wireless network signals has increased. The range of occupations and activities available to digital nomads is also expanding. Moreover, as remote work becomes commonplace in more and more companies, the income of digital nomads tends to stabilize.

For most people, there is actually a need to travel and experience exotic life. However, this usually means spending annual leave and saving. And the relaxation of this trip is short-lived. Basically, after a few days of “crazy” outside, I have to go back to work.

For digital nomads, this is not the case. They can take their work on vacation together, serve more than two employer clients at the same time, or even start a business on the road. The digital nomads constantly change their position, switching from one place to another.

In a word, if you have longed for travel, adventure and independence, but also want to be a successful workplace tycoon or businessman, becoming a digital nomad is one of the best ways.

So in order to live a dream life, you need to choose a profession that can achieve remote office, and strive to become an expert in this field.

“Digital nomad”, where the superiority comes from.

When you finish writing the PPT, you will immediately see Alaska’s cod jumping out of the water;

When you finished the report, you just saw the golden monkey climbed to the top of the tree.

When someone else squeezes into the subway at the morning peak of New York, you are watching the mountain eagle in Tibet;

When someone is arguing in a conference room in Los Angeles, you’ve worked on the project remotely, and in Nepal, picked up a glass with the backpackers and sat by the fire.

True digital nomad

If there is a “true” existence, then there must be a false existence.

The concept or practice of digital nomadism is actually not new. Someone did it as early as 2000. However, due to the imperfect supporting environment, not many people are engaged in this industry.

That is to say, digital nomad was just a concept at that time, and it was not really realized. We can only define it as “experience”. Please distinguish the real “digital nomad” from the previous “nomad experience”.

simply put

  • Digital nomad is different from distributed offices that are still compulsorily arranged by enterprises;
  • It is different from the “escape” of the young hippies;
  • Unlike those who rely on false propaganda, so-called digital nomad experts.
  • The real “digital nomad” is independent on the participating subjects, and can be organized and coordinated when necessary;
  • There is sufficient individual freedom in the choice of physical location and space;
  • Appropriate digital means are comprehensively used in the means of making money, and this person has professional skills in a certain field;
  • In reality, it is real life that runs for a long time, not a reality TV program; it can generate revenue on the goal of “nomadism”, that is to say, this nomadism is sustainable.

Digital nomad and current real life

The most attractive thing about digital nomad is that you can work in a beautiful place. If I were a digital nomad, then I would hardly choose to be a nomad in New York.
In other words, your employer is on the 10th floor of the Empire State Building, and you choose nomad on the 11th floor. Of course, the choice is free, but I think the probability of such a thing is very low.

Price fluctuations

Then you can think of what I am going to say without me saying. The places that digital nomads choose with high probability are those with good natural environment. So under normal circumstances, such a local economy is relatively backward, and people’s income is relatively low.

As people around the world continue to move to cities, the housing cost of cities and the growth rate of work pressure are gradually increasing. People’s survival becomes difficult. These problems are magnified in developing countries, where local people are more susceptible to brutal market forces.

In this case, digital nomads will raise prices in this place, where they can easily spend more than residents to maintain a higher quality of life. Such places as Chiang Mai, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. It is the main destination for digital nomads. As a result, local prices will be affected to a certain extent, and the lives of ordinary people will be more difficult. But it is undeniable that such consumption has also contributed to the local economy.

Public Service

Most digital nomads come from developed countries and regions. They nomadic to underdeveloped areas. And benefit from education, medical and social projects funded by local taxpayers.

But due to their short nationality and length of stay. They are not obliged to pay income tax. And there is no obligation to give back to society. Many digital nomads do their best to reduce tax burdens, do not declare their income, or establish their businesses in countries with the lowest tax rates.
This situation will continue to damage the reputation of “digital nomads” for a long time.

Working alone can eliminate distractions

Working in different locations in a team may make you more efficient, because at this time, everyone is isolated not only in space but also in time; not only excludes objective factors, but also excludes subjective possibilities . The jet lag allows us to concentrate on our own business, and then when the other members of the team are online, we can quickly read the email and start to do the next thing.

In the normal working environment, in order to express a harmonious relationship, the two colleagues always talk about things that are not related to work.

In a traditional office environment, teams often measure productivity based on the time each team member spends on his or her desk (Japanese and Korean overtime is particularly serious), but digital nomad teams do not. Because no one will really care if you are logged in all day. If over time, you can’t come up with some works, you will be abandoned.

24-hour service

When the employees of a company are spread all over the world, no matter what period of time, there are employees who are sober at work. This distribution in different time zones allows them to operate around the clock. Employee A can write an article during the day, and employee B in a different time zone can continue editing while A is sleeping.

Reduce consumption and increase efficiency

In the traditional work environment, many enterprise decisions are based on performance and data-driven. But the reality is cruel, because on the contrary, the process is full of office politics such as prejudice, privilege and formalism. Fortunately, these clues and signals used to shape and influence perception in the physical workplace are not mapped to the new work style of digital nomadism.

For employees, co-workers can never choose freely, and who to work with depends on luck. Colleagues need to learn how to work together, but also try to get along in the same space.

Digital nomad can help reduce this “cohabitation trouble” in traditional work stereotypes, allowing employees to focus on how to best cooperate with each other.

These are some of my thoughts about digital nomadism. If you have anything to say to me, please leave me a message.

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