Pamukkale-Turkey Travel Guide

Pamukkale is located in the province of Denizli in southwestern Turkey. It is named because the place is like a snow-white castle. Pamukkale is 160 meters high and 2700 meters long. The city is rich in hot springs and limestone karst caves, and spring water flows in terraces rich in carbonate minerals. The hilltop of Pamukkale is located in the famous ancient city of Hierapolis, where ancient Roman temples and baths can be seen. The climate is mild for most of the year.

Pamukkale is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, with more than 2 million tourists every year. It is famous for its white terraces made of travertine, which is a sedimentary rock formed by the water in 17 natural hot springs in the area.

The Turk called him the eighth wonder of the world, and there is no limit to visiting here. Pamukkale is a miracle of nature. There are hot springs and white cliffs, and the water flows down the cliffs, so cotton-colored stalactites and basins are formed. This environment is not only beautiful, but the water here is good for the body. The water here is considered precious and can be cured.

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How to get to Pamukkale?

Pamukkale is located in the southwestern province of Denizli. Cars, buses, trains and planes can all reach this area-depending on where you travel from.

When flying, I recommend that you arrive at Denizli Airport, as it is only 1 hour away from Pamukkale. Or you can reach Izmir Airport, but you have to drive 4 hours or take a train (5 hours) to reach Pamukkale. But the advantage of this is that you can observe the scenery along the way.

If you take off from Istanbul, there is only an hour’s flight from Istanbul to Denizli. The price of a round-trip ticket can be as low as 25 Euros.

After arriving at the very small Denizli Airport, just walk outside and take the bus to Pamukkale. Denizli Airport is so small that you cannot miss it!

The bus ride will cost you 30 Turkish lira. The drive from Denizli Airport to Pamukkale Village takes approximately one hour.

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Best time to visit Pamukkale

April to June and September to October are the best times to visit Pamukkale. The sun is shining, the rain is least, and the temperature is moderate. So you can enjoy time outdoors. At this time of year, the number of tourists visiting Pamukkale is still very small. You can enjoy the sunset from the top of the mountain without worrying about others blocking the view.

If you must travel in summer, be prepared. July and August are the peak seasons in Pamukkale. Coming to Pamukkale in summer means high temperatures and more tourists. Because the travertine terraces are located on the top of the cliff, the sun will be very strong, so you should prepare sunscreen, hats and loose and comfortable clothes. Also bring a swimsuit.

How long to stay in Pamukkale

If you wish, I suggest staying overnight in Pamukkale and enjoying the natural scenery of Turkey at a slower rate. You can fly to Pamukkale in the morning and enjoy a full day of relaxation in the hot springs and surrounding Hierapolis. After a slow day of travel, you can sleep well in the hotel. The next morning, you can fly to Istanbul at 7 am or continue to your next destination!

If you have limited time, you can take a day trip from Istanbul to Pamukkale. The usual travel agency arrangement is: take Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Pamukkale at 5am, and then return to Istanbul at 7pm on the same day.

This is the preferred timetable for many travelers.

Where to stay in Pamukkale

If you want to visit Hierapolis and the terrace to the greatest extent, then Pamukkale Village is the ideal choice. The price for a double room is as low as 20 Euros. In the nightly price, breakfast is included. In summer, some hotels also offer free swimming pools.

Pamukkale Attractions

Must see: visit the travertine terraces and hot spring pools in Pamukkale
Pamukkale is located above the hot springs, paving the way for creating beautiful waterfalls or travertine terraces.

Pamukkale is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, with more than 2 million tourists every year. It is famous for its white terraces made of travertine.

Pamukkale water flow

What I did not know before departure was that the water in Pamukkale did not always flow. The opening and closing of water flow is managed by the government department. In fact, it is impossible to know on which days they will allow water to flow and on which days they will not be allowed to flow.

Enter Pamukkale Falls

You can enter the waterfall in 2 ways. One way is to cross the south slope. The entrance to the south slope starts at the edge of Pamukkale village and requires you to walk a small slope barefoot.

This is because the petrified waterfall is white and very beautiful, so keep the white of the slope and do not allow shoes.

Another entrance to the waterfall is the top of the mountain, adjacent to Hierapolis. I chose to take a taxi. After reaching the summit, you can visit the travertine terraces immediately, or choose to explore Hierapolis before you start.

Other attractions

Hierapolis was founded in 190 BC by Eumenes II, King of Pergamon

Hierapolis Theater
The theater of Hierapolis was built in the second century AD and was extensively rebuilt under the rule of the Roman Emperor Hadrian

Hierapolis Archaeological Museum
There are three galleries here. One of them displays smaller and more fragile objects found in the site. The other two galleries were handed over to statues and sarcophagi.

Pamukkale’s swimming pool in Pamukkale
This is a charged item
Cleopatra’s swimming pool is located in the well-preserved ancient Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis. For more than a thousand years, people have come to this area to soak mineral-rich geothermal water.

Words written in the back
Is Pamukkale worth a visit?

Yes, Pamukkale is beautiful, but the truth is that it doesn’t look like a travel brochure. So don’t have high expectations. Due to over-tourism, most magic pools have disappeared.
In fact, this is the worst part of my trip to Turkey. Many places do not allow tourists to enter, so it will be a bit boring. Although it is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

My conclusion is that if you have the rest of the day, you can take a day trip to visit Pamukkale.
Don’t take it as the main destination, I think Cappadocia is more worthwhile.

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