Posing Guide 1-Get You Started with Photographing Women

If you have exhausted your creativity, dried up your creativity or needed some guidance when shooting female subjects, you can use the following sample poses as a “posture cheat sheet”. Many professional photographers use this technique when preparing photos and during shooting.

Choose the pose in this article as an initial reference. If you are a beginner and the subject is not a professional model, I recommend watching these poses with your girlfriend, especially if she has no experience. During the photo shoot, please discuss various topics with the subject to form a relaxed atmosphere. Usually this is very efficient, and both of you will have more confidence in what you do.

1.Portrait pose. Let the model look at her shoulder. Please note that portraits may look very interesting when taken from different angles.

2.In portrait photography, hands are usually not visible or occupy a small amount of space. However, by letting the model try different poses with their hands on the head or face, the picture becomes very creative.

3.You may have heard the rule of thirds. In a similar way, diagonal lines can be used to create a pleasing effect. Also remember, you do n’t have to keep the camera at the perfect level all the time. Don’t be afraid to tilt it, you may get some interesting and unusual views.

4.The sitting model is really cute. You can shoot from various angles. This requires cooperation between the model and the photographer. A simple sitting posture needs to be matched with lights, so that the picture is not monotonous.

5.The model lies on the ground. Open and seductive pose. The photographer also needs to lower his body and sit down.

6.Just a variation for a pose with the model lying on the ground. Both hands might as well be resting on the ground. Works very well outdoors, on the grass or in a wild flower meadow, for example.

7.Basic relaxed posture, calm beauty. Sit down and almost shoot from the ground. Then try to move around the model gradually while shooting. The model needs to change the position of the head and hands.

8.Another simple and gorgeous pose suitable for all body types. Try different hand and leg positions. Focus on the eyes of the model! A smart approach is to use the model’s hair to hide the flaws.

9.A very cute pose, lying on the bed. It works well with different surface settings: for example, the model can lie on the bed, on the ground, on the grass or on the beach. Shoot from a very low angle and focus on the eyes.

10.The gorgeous and relaxed pose of the model sitting on the ground

11.For the model sitting on the ground, another simple and friendly pose. Try different directions and angles.

12.A good way to demonstrate the beauty of the model. When shooting against a bright background, it works well as a silhouette.

13.Simple and casual standing posture. Many changes are possible. Let the model twist the body, try the hand posture, and then try different turning heads

14.Another very simple and elegant standing posture. The model turned slightly to the side, putting his hands in the pockets.

15.Leaning forward slightly may be a very tempting gesture. This is a subtle way to emphasize the shape of the upper body, you need to open two buttons

16.Sensual posture. By placing the hand above the head, the body curve can be emphasized. Works with fit body types .

17.Endless changes may occur in the full-height posture. This pose is just the starting point. Let the model turn her body slightly, change the posture of the hand, change the direction of the head and eyes, etc.

18.The model stood upright and leaned against the wall to support her. Remember, the model can not only use a wall to support her back, but also put her hands on it or lean her legs on it.

19.Please note that the full height setting is very demanding and is only suitable for slim to sporty bodies. The posture guidelines are simple: the body should be S-shaped, the hands should be relaxed, and the weight can only support one leg.

20.Slim figure, suitable for sports models. Many changes are possible. In order to find the best posture, please tell the model to move her hand slowly and constantly twist her body. When you see a nice variant, ask the model to stay still and take a picture.

Hope you will find at least couple of poses to work with in different shooting scenarios! 

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