Posing Guide 2-Get You Started with Photographing Women

If you have exhausted your creativity, dried up your creativity or needed some guidance when shooting female subjects, you can use the following sample poses as a “posture cheat sheet”. Many professional photographers use this technique when preparing photos and during shooting.

Choose the pose in this article as an initial reference. If you are a beginner and the subject is not a professional model, I recommend watching these poses with your girlfriend, especially if she has no experience. During the photo shoot, please discuss various topics with the subject to form a relaxed atmosphere. Usually this is very efficient, and both of you will have more confidence in what you do.

1.For amateur models, this action is a good starting posture. This is a good way to make the model slimmer. The model should push the chin forward and tilt it slightly downward, while keeping the shoulders upward! There should definitely be a gap between the chin and the shoulder.

2.This is the simplest pose. For supporting the body with only one leg, take a relaxed posture. And bending the body into an S shape is a simple start.

3.Use the wall or other objects for portrait poses. The mannequin should gently touch the vertical surface with his hand.

4.The model’s long hair falls, please try to make them move. Ask her to quickly rotate her head to the desired position to make her hair follow the movement. Capture wonderful moments. You need to increase the shutter speed to capture a clear picture and avoid motion blur. These are usually useful shots, pay attention to the scene brightness.

5.Sitting on the sofa or bed. To increase the atmosphere of life, the model can hold a coffee cup in her hand or be intimate with animals.

6.Very beautiful casual posture, suitable for models sitting on the ground. Try different shooting angles.

7.Sitting posture is not limited to horizontal shooting. Don’t be afraid to try some special angle shots.

8.According to some popular and commonly used body language rules, crossing arms and legs means that some obstacles are set. Even if such beliefs are widespread, it does not mean that they are correct. In the picture, we only focus on the beauty of the picture, and we ignore it for any subconscious signs! So this is definitely a good thing for human photography.

9.It is not always necessary for the model to place the hand specifically “placed” somewhere. Loosely placed in any position is absolutely good. The same is true for the legs, and relaxation is also a beauty.

10.Very beautiful posture in summer. Let her walk slowly, looking back at the camera from time to time. Walk and shoot slightly from behind.

11.Partly sitting on another object is another very good posture. Outdoors in the city, where there are railings can work well.

12.Appropriately set beautiful poses-the model supports itself against some fences or bridge railings or similar objects. Shooting from the side with a large aperture provides a good opportunity for shallow depth of field and good background blur.

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