Seven Lakes-Rila National Park

Seven Rila Lakes in the Balkans – Rila National Park
Национален парк „Рила” on the highest peak of the Lira (2925 m), at an altitude of 2500 meters. The lake is only 1.5 hours away from the Bulgarian capital, which makes it a perfect day trip from Sofia. All seven lakes have their own names, reflecting their typical shapes or characteristics. The names of the seven Rila Lakes are:

  • The Tear – the highest one
  • The Eye – the deepest one
  • The Kidney – perfect for a picnic
  • The Twin – the largest one
  • The Trefoil
  • The Fish Lake – the shallowest one
  • The Lower Lake – the lowest one

How to reach the Seven Rila Lakes

Unfortunately, there are no direct buses to the lake. You can go to Dupnitsa and Sapareva Banya, and then take a taxi to the bottom of the elevator. In Rila, in order to ensure the safety of climbers, the use of cable cars is prohibited in winter.

Sapareva Banya

When you arrive, you have two options: take the cable car to the Rila Lakes hut to start the hike, or hike all the way to the hut. The cable car ride takes 20 minutes and the hike will take you about 2 hours.

the Rila Lakes hut

There is also a lira bus from Sofia to the seven Rila Lakes. The price for a two-way ticket is 24,99 Euros.

The hike

When you hike the Seven Rila Lakes you pass by each one of them from the lowest to the highest one.

In fact, there are not only 7 lakes, there are other lakes nearby. If you like to explore, you can try to go to other alpine lakes. The other lakes are smaller than these seven.

There is another place on this mountain, Skakavitsa waterfall
Водопад Скакавица
This is a waterfall that you can stop by while exploring the 7 lakes.

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