Sofia parking regulations

Sofia’s Centre for Urban Mobility has updated its map of paid parking areas in the central part of the Bulgarian capital city, reflecting changes to parking regulations passed in March, which will enter into force on September 1.

The new regulations introduce a new “green zone” in addition to the existing “blue zone”, the latter covering now only the most central areas of the city, but also doubling in price to two leva an hour. Parking in the “green zone” will cost one leva an hour.

Additional restrictions will apply – motorists will be allowed to park in the “blue zone” only two hours at a time, while parking in the “green zone” will be allowed for four hours straight. The “blue zone” will be in effect every working day between 8am and 7pm, as well as between 8am and 2pm on Saturdays; “green zone” restrictions will be in effect on working days between 8am and 7pm.

Parking can be paid by texting 1302 in the “blue zone” and 1303 in the “green zone”, by buying timed parking tickets from Centre for Urban Mobility ticket centres or mobile controllers, or by purchasing a long-term parking permit for particular spots in the restricted parking areas.

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