Summer is coming, what you need to know about thong

Thanks to someone who decides to some extent that the underpants line is an unforgivable sin, many ladies among us deliberately walked to men in underwear! Many ladies are loyal fans of thongs, while others have never tried (I do n’t know why, she just does n’t want to try). Whether you enjoy it or hold a negative attitude, it is just a piece of underwear for a thong, so you should know a few things about such a small thing.

I interviewed some experts in the female reproductive medicine program of the medical school, and she told us something: In her practice, she saw women inflamed by wearing thongs.


Although thongs are very safe, they will not cause any long-term damage or any harm, but they will definitely rub you in the wrong way, especially when they are small. If you feel unwell, her suggestion is to change to another style or choose a looser product. Or rest for a week or two to allow your skin to recover.

In order to avoid irritation, she suggested choosing cotton thongs or soft and breathable thongs. The material of this kind of cotton thong is better than other materials and may be more comfortable.

For some of the most novel young girls, my suggestion is that when you choose nylon or polyester fiber thongs, they must be replaced frequently.


For thongs with special materials, such as iron wire, fiber braid, etc. My suggestion is that you use hair removal products in advance. When you get caught, you will know what I am talking about.

As for the questions raised by some female friends, I will answer them here. The question of whether a thong can pass bacteria from your back to your front. “do not worry!!!”.


“There has always been feces around the vagina.” This situation lasted for thousands of years. “That’s why women are infected with UTI. Escherichia coli often appears at the opening.” It is a normal condition for women to have mild UTI. So please don’t point the fault of urethritis or vaginitis to the thong.

“To be healthy, you need to wash your anus frequently until the urethra opens, instead of blaming the thong for rubbing the urethra. So don’t say that, you should be fine


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