The 10 Nail Colours To Pay Attention To This Summer

Except for chic new bikinis, gorgeous pearl earrings, and the rustling sound of linen swaying in the wind, there is nothing more pleasing than fresh nails in summer.

But when it comes to color, not all shadows are the same. After leaving in winter, the dark colors gradually disappear, and the regular rotation of blue and pink requires upgrades.


White nails. “It’s a classic that goes perfectly with tanned skin in summer. Just add gold jewelry.
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Neon orange

“For girls who want to have fun in the summer, neon orange is making a comeback.” Don’t tell us twice.
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Super classic but never boring. Nude matches well for girls. “There are so many different shades, so you can find a skin tone that fits you perfectly. It’s both feminine and classic, and it’s gorgeous in length.” Consider nude?


Those mavericks can consider this color scheme. “There is an emerging trend of wearing three (or more) contrasting colors on manicures. This mix is extreme and people either like it very much or hate it!”

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Not very purple or nude, it crosses the line between subtlety and presentation. “Customers who don’t tend to deviate from the usual pink are increasingly jumping into this tone and trying something different.”


You can never miss the spark. “Champagne and glittering nails are needed for the festive season! We have seen more and more customers interested in this and looking for transparent glittering nails.”

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