The complete guide to visiting Jordan- Petra,dead sea and Little Petra

Visiting Jordan is a unique travel experience. For such a Middle Eastern country, it is difficult to believe how many tourist attractions it has. But Jordan does bring many memorable adventures. From floating on the Dead Sea to drinking tea with the Bedouins and diving into water-filled canyons, Jordan offers many experiences.

For a small country, it is difficult to figure out why it is not one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. The only explanation is that although there are not many attractions, each one is unique and there is no similarity anywhere in the world. Not even the Middle East. I would also say that it’s not just the scenery that will appeal to you. The people here are the friendliest people we have met.

As most people are lured here solely by captivating images of the Treasury, so they mistakenly believe that Jordan’s tourism projects are as scarce as fresh water. It turns out that the area of this ancient city is so large that it takes days to explore all its landmarks.

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Is it safe to travel to Jordan

After the Arab Spring and Syria crisis in 2011, Jordan’s tourism revenue has halved in the past five years. However, everything is slowly changing. A large number of business people have started to return. The situation in the surrounding countries has returned to stability. In fact, Jordan is a very safe country. Many new routes between Europe and Amman have been confirmed later this year.
So my conclusion is: It’s really safe here, and we never felt we were in danger.If you have any idea about how girls should dress, in Jordan. If you have any questions, please click

Transportation, Jordan’s capital “Amman” airport code AMM, there are flights to all over the world, taking New York as an example, the ticket price is between 700$-1300$.

How to choose the season to visit Jordan.

For a Middle Eastern country, the consumption level here is relatively high. There is not much difference between the off season and peak season of tourism. The only difference is the degree of congestion.
Peak Season: April / May & September / October
Off Season: The height of summer, winter or during Ramadan

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What are the attractions in Jordan

1.Explore the mysterious city of Petra
There is no other place like Petra. When I thought of seeing the Treasury picture for the first time, I decided to see it for myself. When I arrived at Treasury to watch the sunset from the heights, it still made me shudder.

There are so many things to see, so definitely consider more than a day. There is undoubtedly our favorite photography spot in Petra. If you use our guide, we will show you how to master Petra step by step.

Some of the major landmarks to see when you visit Petra

  • Siq: This long, split rock fragment is the main entrance to the City of Roses, starting at the dam and extending over a kilometer to the Ministry of Finance. Although most of the rocks are natural, you can see many statues inlaid in the rock walls. These are sculptures carved by the Nabateans.I think it’s similar to Utah Canyon in the United States. If you are interested, please click.

  • The Treasury: With a facade of impressive, intricate carvings stretching nearly 40 metres high, the Treasury is rightfully considered a world wonder and one of the top Jordan tourist sites.

  • The Tombs: A series of rich sandstone tombs feature decorated columns, gates and pillars, and were used for things like cleansing rituals and cemeteries.

  • The Street of Facades: This cluster of small tombs were carved into the cliffside just past the Treasury.

2.Wadi Rum desert
Wadi Rum is truly spectacular.The scenery is extraordinary, flat and desolate, and the color of the soil is reddish, which is different from other places on the earth. That’s why it’s the location of choice for so many movies. It really looks like a picture of Mars.

The most important thing is to see the changing colors of the landscape. At sunset, Wadi Rum turns deep red due to the color of the soil and the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. It’s different from any color we’ve seen in Australia, or elsewhere in the United States.

3.Stay in a Bedouin Camp

The Bedouins are an ancient people in the Middle East and have a history of hundreds of years. You can live in a Bedouin camp where they cook traditional food on the ground and then drink Bedouin tea by the fire. It will be a wonderful experience for them to live together and give a glimpse into this unique lifestyle. Finding a Bedouin camp is not easy and the living conditions are not clean, so this is a dilemma. Either clean and boring, or dirty and fun, which one do you choose?

4.The Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea is on many people’s bucket list and it is just as an incredible sensation as you might imagine.Grab some of the Dead Sea mud and cover yourself head to toe, bake for 15 minutes in the sun and then wash off in the sea.

5.Little Petra

Another attraction in Jordan is Little Petra, which is very similar to Petra, but with a small area and a small crowd, you can take a few good pictures without any interference. 15 minutes drive from Wadi Musa and has the same high canyon and carved facades.

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