This Summer you need a big straw hat -Really Big

Fashion can be annoying sometimes, which seems to be an extreme beyond understanding. One of them is the huge straw sun hat in summer.

The headgear is larger than the carpet in some areas. But for some fashion enthusiasts, it is the ultimate product that can’t be described. It is sold out almost everywhere, and the sold out sign can be seen online and in person.

The Spinner hat by Lola Hats.Credit Steven Crawford

Canadian corporate promoter Jeanette visited Paris wearing a big straw hat. She said: “The clothes I wear have never attracted so much attention.”

“Women keep stopping me on the street and asking where I can buy such hats . “

“When people see me wearing these big hats, people look at me curiously.”

said Danny, a model and actress living in New York. “They are indeed fashion declarations.”

The Olmos y Flores Palapa hat

To give unsuspecting readers an idea, the largest of them, the Palapa Hat, from the Mexican design team Olmos & Flores, has a 22-and-a-half-inch brim with a four-inch fringe.

That’s more than twice the expanse of the brim on the already sizable Eric Javits Giant Floppy, worn by Serena Williams on the cover of the August issue of InStyle magazine.

The most popular hat on the market is:

Jacquemus Le Grand Chapeau Bomba Hat

“The La Bomba hat “made by French designer Simon, with a price of about $ 700. La Bomba exudes the diametrically opposite style of sexy southern France that he has apparently seen in his clothing design. It is a geometrically perfect wheat straw ring with a 21-inch and a half-inch edge curled on one side. (If both sides are rolled up, it will become a huge Napoleonic unicorn.)

A buyer in Copenhagen said: “It’s light and comfortable, but it’s difficult to integrate into your daily life.”

He recalled that I knew it was big, but when I received the postal package, I was shocked .

It is packed in a big box, just like a flat-screen TV.

Danish model Emma found the hat in the Birger Christensen window.

display and wore the hat at the wedding instead of wearing a veil. She said: “When we kiss after the ceremony, both my husband and I can hide under our hats.” She also said that if it rains, I don’t have to worry.

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